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Cannabis stimulates more than munchies!


Maybe it’s just the Journal of Sexual Medicine report that Cannabis consumers have 34% more sex than those who don’t. Maybe it’s because Cannabis users are pleasure-seekers. Or maybe it’s just the magic of Mary Jane?

Whether single or coupled, it can’t hurt and might help to mix things up this Valentine’s day! Now that Cannabis intimate oils (yes, weed-lube!) are available across legal states, customers are seeking ways to use cannabis to enhance intimacy, stimulation and satisfaction.

A recent article published in Stanford’s Journal of Sexual Medicine confirms this, showing that Cannabis-use does increase frequency of sensual activity; so while no “hard evidence” supports Cannabis’ sex-enhancing claims, research suggests that Cannabis can generate some warm-and-fuzzy feels.

Depending on your comfort level or tolerance, you might play with non-psychoactive CBD products to skip the high, or, enjoy more psychoactive THC options in the form of suppositories, oils, or topicals. Find the right combo of relaxation without sedation – a connection less inhibited – without the fogginess of being “super stoned.” (which causes some to feel less present in the moment.)

My favorite ways to unwind include toking a high-CBD vape-pen or flower to ease my mind and relax my body. It allows me to shift gears from the workday to the bedroom.

Intimate oil is fun because it enters swiftly through mucosal lining into the bloodstream, and has both localized and systemic effects. Quim Rock, a women-owned Intimate Oil company in San Francisco featured on VICELAND, makes THC-infused coconut oil lube with anti-fungal tea tree oil (to keep infections at bay), THC for stimulation, and the latex condom-safe “OH YES!” oil. Just ensure anything you put ’down there’ is safely formulated for internal use!

Valentine’s Day is about focusing one day to honor our loved ones — so, instead of the tired old box of chocolates and a movie, why not let Cannabis spice up this Hallmark Holiday?

We know from personal experience that this plant can add just as much romance and excitement as that bottle of bubbly or stuffed animal!

It can be as simple as ordering a vape-pen from your local delivery service, stopping by a dispensary for infused chocolates and rose-petal wrapped pre-rolls, or using a Jetty Dablicator™ to decorate a blunt for your lover with a “twaxed” love note. Exploring new ideas and sexy traditions can make some steamy (and smokey) new memories!

Cannabis strains known to work aphrodisiac wonders include easy-going sativas and hybrids like Girl Scout Cookies (for mental euphoria and enhanced physical pleasure), Maui Wowie (warming body buzz), and Atomic Northern Lights (relaxes muscles, quiets the mind, relieves pain and mellows stress).

If V-day is truly about showing your loved ones that they’re special, there’s no better gift than that of shared quality time, experiencing joy, fun, and pleasure together!

Check out Luna on the Blunt Broads Podcast for V-Day below.

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Education, Product



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