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For the fourth year running Jetty is teaming up with Keep A Breast to give back with each purchase of our Community Impact Strain: Pink Lemonade 🎀🍋

Donate $2 with each cartridge of Pink Lemonade picked up at a licensed retailer in California, or for the first time ever: New York! Every $2 goes 100% in full to support Keep A Breast and their mission to reduce breast cancer risk and impact.

During our four years of working with Keep A Breast we’ve raised over $15,000 to support their missions ranging from the Keep A Breast App to the Keep A Breast Give Back Grant (GBG).  This year we’ll be sponsoring a Give Back Grant in the amount of $500 in honor of our very own Jetty Team-member who received the grant last year.

 Jetty’s Pink Lemonade is an Indica-Dominant cross of Purple Kush and Super Lemon Haze, it has 98% TAC – that’s Total Active Cannabinoids, and 91% THC.

Extractor’s Notes
Pink Lemonade
Enjoy a burst of flavor with this strain benefiting the Keep A Breast Foundation. This limited edition blend of Purple Kush and Lemon Skunk has tasty notes of grapefruit and lemon – perfect for taking the edge off while supporting an important cause!
High THC

What is a Community Impact Strain? 

Since our founding Jetty has been committed to giving back to its community and Community Impact Strains are one special way we do that. These strains are selected with a cause in mind to give back and support with no reciprocation. In addition to Pink Lemonade, another Community Impact Strains we’re proud to have is Reckless Rainbow benefiting Equality California. 

 As leaders of health, we’re excited to uplift Keep A Breast once again on this release. Back in 2014, a good friend of the company was diagnosed with cancer, and the only thing that made him feel better was cannabis.

Relief is vital for all cancer patients, and encouraging access to a pain-free life is what drove Jetty to provide product free-of-charge to California cancer patients through our Shelter Project

With over 1000 patients served, the Shelter Project is a real effort to help community members find relief through cannabis while providing a high-quality experience.

Pink Lemonade Vape cartridges are all piled on each other in preparation for storage

Find a Pink Lemonade Cartridge now via our Store Locator, and join our newsletter for more Community Impact Strains releasing in the future! 

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