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Savor your day with an experience to remember: Jetty Infused Pre-Rolls. Each Jetty Pre-Roll lets you slow down, take a break, and sink into the relief of a smooth session. Made with whole-bud – never shake or trim – and Jetty’s award-winning concentrates. As a result, you can expect a tasty and powerful experience.

Try one of the best pre-rolls in California with real flower flavor, aromas, and effects all wrapped up in a relaxing Jetty journey.


Typically joints are cured flower (cannabis that has dried after harvest) ground and rolled into paper. Infused pre-rolls, however, offer boosted THC content from our award-winning Solventless hash and 100% Live Resin cannabis concentrates.

Jetty Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls amplify your smoking experience. Our expert extractors pair the cured flower and cannabis concentrates to amplify the flavor profile, matching complementary aromas and flavors. Our unique cold-infusion technique preserves terpenes and cannabinoids, giving a full and fresh smoking experience.

Jetty Solventless Pre-Rolls are made with dried cured flower that’s ground. After that, the ground cannabis flower is mixed with a cannabis concentrate known as hash, or hashish. Hash-infused pre-rolls burn at a lower temperature than a live resin-infuse pre-roll, providing depth in flavor and a smooth inhale. In contrast, Live Resin extracts offer a wider range of strains and flavor profiles, perfect for those looking to add variety to their smoking routine.

We source our cured flower from small, legacy farms, like Coastal Sun Farm. Working closely with our cultivation partners is essential. Above all, we look for partners with sustainable and regenerative farming practices, free from pesticides and herbicides. Because all-natural cannabis tastes better. Our friends grow the flower, and we make the extracts – it’s a dream team!


Relax and unwind with a Jetty infused pre-roll.

Most importantly, our commitment to sourcing the finest cannabis and potent award-winning cannabis concentrates sets Jetty Infused Pre-Rolls apart in a sea of selections. Stoners in lab coats (aka our expert extractors) create each batch with precision, as always ensuring a consistent and powerful experience every time you spark.

Our relationship with Coastal Sun Farm allows us to work from cultivation to creation of every Jetty Infused Pre-Roll batch. From start to finish we aim to create the best pre-roll in California, and beyond!

Jetty Pre-Rolls Near Me

1 gram single pre-rolls deliver a taste of Jetty in one long solo sesh, or a few put together – or even a split with a special someone(s).

5-packs provide a steady supply for extended exploration in 2.5 grams of Cold Water Hash Infused Pre-Rolls or 3.5 grams of Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls.

10-packs offer 3.5 grams of gas, delivering you and your gang a ticket to an odyssey describable with only one word: EPIC.

In short, we hope you’ll Slow Your Roll. It’s never a bad time to stop and smell the flower! 

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The cleanest, most flavorful extracts made without ever touching a chemical. Made with just ice and water.


Solventless, Live Resin, and High THC vapes. The most discreet and convenient way to smoke

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