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Our strain-specific 100% Live Resin is unrefined and uncut. This preserves more of the plant compounds at the same ratios you would find in flower. The result: more flavor and wider array of cannabinoids, giving you a full-bodied, flower high.


Recommended products

Our Live Resin comes in badder, sauce, sugar, diamonds, and infused pre-rolls. Not sure what to try? Here’s what we think you’ll enjoy, based on our best-sellers and personal favorites.

Banana Stand 100% Live Resin Cartridge

There’s always funny in the Banana Stand! Laugh all day with an uplifting and creative energy.

Legend OG 100% Live Resin Diamonds

Primarily petrol and earthy flavors with a fruity finish; the lab describes it as ‘Sweet OG’, an Indica dominant hybrid with heavy-on-your-eyelids type feeling.

Super Lemon Haze 100% Live Resin Cartridge

A loud Sativa to lift you off your feet with zesty lemon terps and an easy-going effect.

Vanilla Shake 100% Live Resin Cartridge

From the beloved Wedding Cake lineage, Vanilla Shake is a strong Indica with hints of creamy vanilla and classic spice.

Amarelo 100% Live Resin Cartridge

Amarelo boasts aromas of flowery herb and woody pine, accented by a light touch of sandalwood!

High THCv 100% Live Resin Cartridge

Our invigorating formulation is designed to encourage a cerebral, uplifting, functional high – think subtle, energetic buzz!


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The Product

100% live resin, sustainably grown on our Californian farm. Extracted using an ultra-light touch that preserves all the more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other important plant compounds. Never blended with distillate. The lighter the refinement, the closer it is to the plant.

The Process

Flowers chosen for live resin are harvested and flash-frozen on site. Proprietary cryoextraction (freezing) and curing techniques is used to lock in each strain’s unique flavor profile and make sure nothing is degraded in the process. Because live resin is uncut, single-source with nothing added, never distilled or blended, and doesn’t go through extra processing, it preserves a larger flavor profile of plant compounds.

The Experience

Live resin is all about flavor, feel, and staying true to the plant. It’s a more intense, full body high with a real entourage effect, just like smoking flower.

“[Trainwreck is] one of Jetty’s best. Didn’t bog me down and was able to enjoy my high. Great taste and affordable, a hard balance to find.” -Jetty Customer | IHeartJane
“Jetty’s tasty 100% Live Resin are one of my favorite live resin carts that I have gotten. You can tell it’s live resin and it gives you the high like if you’re smoking bud. These live resin carts are pretty strong too, you get good clouds without having to burn the coil.” – Martinez | Weedmaps
“If it’s in your pocket you take it out take the cap off use it and put it back in your pocket. It would be cool if all concentrates came in in EZ dispensable form like this [Cuvee 100% Live Resin oil]. I’m sure in the future but Jetty Extracts were the first.” -Jetty Customer | Weedmaps
“The Dablicator™ Oil Applicator is the Swiss Army Knife of concentrates. If you’ve ever struggled to add oil to a joint or bowl, this hardware will hange your life. Exact dosing, no mess!” – Green Goddess Dispensary | Instagram
“This dablicator is so easy to use and [the Papaya Solventless oil] tastes amazing. It even allows you to precisely measure your dab. This Papaya strain has been my go to! My favorite Solventelss yet!” – Brianna | Instagram
Tangerine Dream x Strawberry Mimosa Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls 5 Pack 3.5g “I’m a very experienced smoker with a high tolerance and I usually need a couple hundred mg of thc to feel anything but these .7g’s did the trick with one joint! Super smooth and potent maybe coughed twice haha, would totally recommend for any smoker 🤟” Jetty Customer | Weedmaps

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