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A new STandard: comparable-to-organic

Introducing: Jetty OCal Certified Solventless. Our award-winning Solventless collection is now OCal certified, the California cannabis comparable-to-organic certification! At Jetty we search for the best way to bring the plant to oil form, and our OCal Solventless collection is the next step on this journey. 

So What is OCal?

OCal is a comparable-to-organic program for cannabis grown and manufactured in California. Grown without conventional pesticides and herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, or bioengineering; and manufactured without hydrocarbons, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors — we do it all without chemicals. 

From soil to oil, all OCal products are the cleanest on the market. We invited the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) to certify that Jetty’s manufacturing follows all OCal regulations set by California’s Department of Food and Agriculture. In November of 2022 our Solventless Extraction process earned the OCal certification, and now we’re bringing it to shelves in California!

To learn more about the OCal Program visit the CDFA website here


OCal Certification would not be possible without the help of our cultivation partners Coastal Sun Farm. Using regenerative soil and other sustainable farming techniques for their harvests — including the cannabis we source for our Solventless products, Coastal Sun Farm takes an environmental approach to growing high-quality cannabis.  

Jetty Solventless and Jetty OCal Solventless both come from comparable-to-organic farming practices, the only difference is certification. Our entire Solventless Collection will be OCal Certified by early next year as we work through our biomass reserves. 

See Coastal Sun Farm and past harvests below


Who wants greens?

Now, OCal is at our fingertips, and yours too! Explore nine OCal Certified strains below, and #FindYourJetty using our Store Locator here

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Extractor’s Notes
Dominant Trait
A delightful blend of fresh woody pine and flowery herb that will invigorate your senses and provide an energizing start to your day!
Sour Strawberry
Featuring mouthwatering aroma and flavors, this blend between Strawberry Kush and Razzberry will whisk you into a euphoric body buzz
Spyrock Sour Diesel
Zesty citrus complemented by earthy undertones, Spyrock is a high-octane powerhouse, delivering an uplifting high that ignites creativity and sharpens focus.
Tropicana Cookies
A strong and sedative treat. Berry, lemon, and grape notes shine through in this Grape Cream Cake x Papaya Cake blend.
Apple Tartz
Apple Tartz (Apple Fritter x Runtz) is a relaxing and calming experience that will ease you into a state of bliss
Known for its super pungent aroma and heavily sedative yet euphoric high, GMO is a favorite of indica lovers everywhere.
White Cookies
Vanilla intertwined with hints of minty chocolate and pepper meet your tastebuds for a ride that transitions into a blissful relaxed state.
Tahoe OG
Inducing a deep relaxation that melts away stress and tension; Tahoe OG offers the ultimate escape from the daily hustle.
Gush Mintz
Gush Mintz delights with its sweet, sugary berry-cherry flavor, complemented by a burst of sour citrus and tangy menthol.
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