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You’ve got questions. We don’t have all the answers – world peace is a work in process – but we know cannabis. Jokes aside, we do our best to be transparent and informative about our products. Here are some of your most frequently asked cannabis questions and answers.

Jetty is sold in licensed dispensaries throughout  California, Colorado, New York & New Jersey! Find a store here.

Jetty High THC is just what the name says: high potency cannabis oil with 85%+ THC in each cartridge. This extract comes from dried, cured cannabis. Available in a variety of classic strains you know and love, this line will take you back to the good ‘ole days. Made with real cannabis terpenes these carts taste great and pack a punch.

Jetty Solventless is made using only ice and water. Our process starts with sustainable, fresh-frozen flower. Harvested with the utmost care to ensure all the trichomes remain intact for extraction. Next, we wash with ice and water, strain, and dry yielding gorgeous Cold Water Hash. Some of this Hash is used to infuse our Cold Water Hash Pre-Rolls. Some is hand pressed into Live Rosin and Solventless Vape. Solventless and Solvent-Free, these products are never touched by chemical solvents.

To avoid issues like clogging and leaking, we recommend storing your vape carts upright, in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and hot storage locations like your car. Remember to keep products out of reach of children and pets. Safety first!

Start with the lowest setting possible and work your way up. Higher heat settings will give you bigger clouds, but can burn off some of the terpenes and compounds that give Jetty concentrates their amazing flavor.

Specific voltage will vary by battery so it’s best to test and find what works for you. Here’s what we like: Solventless and Live Resin oils will taste more vibrant at lower temperatures around 1.7v-2.6v. High THC carts can be enjoyed at a higher voltage, 2.5-3.5v.We don’t recommend exceeding 4v.

Yes, we do! Our goal is to give you the best experience with our products. Ceramic heating elements are the best at evenly heating the oil to avoid burning. This will deliver consistently great flavor from your first hit to your last.

Our highest priority is your satisfaction with our products. We have chosen to use a plastic tank to avoid clogging which was an issue with our glass carts. We also saw that many customers were frustrated with purchasing broken carts that then had to be exchanged at the retailer. Plastic is highly durable and always BPA-free. Our goal is to find the best cartridges for our oil. If you have any feedback shoot us a note at high@jettyextracts.com.

Don’t worry. It’s intentional! All of our cartridges – both one-gram and half-gram – have a small air bubble at the top. This air bubble helps prevent leaks. We use an automated filling machine that precisely fills .5g or 1g. We also perform random batch checks to ensure you get exactly what you pay for. Each cartridge has a .2g air bubble to prevent leaking & product waste.

0.5g cartridge capacity: .7g
0.5g cartridge filled to: .5g
1g cartridge capacity: 1.2g
1g cartridge filled to: 1g

We’re sorry to hear there is an issue with your Jetty product. For a return, please contact the dispensary where you purchased the product. They will be able to refund or exchange your purchase. We recommend calling the dispensary to confirm their return policy and required documents to show proof of purchase.
We would love to hear your feedback on how we can improve. Shoot us a note at high@jettyextracts.com.

Yes, we’re hiring! Check out our LinkedIn profile for our current job descriptions & company information.

Still got questions? We’re here! Shoot us a note at high@jettyextracts.com