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Made Pure Since 2013

At Jetty, we don’t blow smoke about quality. We use only the highest-quality inputs, sourced from cannabis farmers we know share our high standards. Every batch of premium cannabis extracts are made in-house and triple-tested to ensure that they are free from all unwanted materials. We are obsessed with creating the safest, cleanest, and most flavorful products on the market.

Since our founding in 2013, we have been committed to elevating your experience with cannabis by creating the highest-quality cannabis vape products on the market. We were one of the first companies to release a vape free from fillers and cutting agents. Today, Jetty continues that legacy with its cleanest extract to date, Jetty Solventless. Made with just ice and water, Jetty’s award-winning Solventless vape, live rosin, and infused pre-rolls are some of the finest, hand-crafted extracts around.

Our cannabis extracts are only as good as the inputs we use to make them. That’s why we source our flower from farmers who use regenerative and biodynamic farming techniques that use less water and creates a healthy, balanced ecosystem. All of our flower is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, they use predators like lady bugs and birds to control harmful pest populations. Our partners use an all-natural approach, which creates the premium flower that is essential to making high-quality cannabis extracts. 

All our quality controls come from decades of experience working with the plant. Our team of expert extractors have a combined experience of over 100 years. They know good shit when they see it, smell it, and smoke it. We’re proud to say that we only make products that we would smoke. You can trust that we are proud of everything we make.