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Welcome to Jetty

Founder owned and operated since 2013. Our passion for the plant inspires perfection and nothing less. We don’t make anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves. Our Solventless Collection, made with intention from soil to oil, is evidence we don’t make anything we wouldn’t smoke ourselves.




We are craft extractors specializing in artisanal vapes, concentrates, and infused pre-rolls. Check out our full line up here.



Solventless, Live Resin, and High THC vapes. The most conventient convenient for any occasion


Terpy sugar, sauce, badder, diamonds, live resin, and live rosin.


Sun-grown flower infused with Live Resin or Cold Water Hash. Always stem, seed, and trim-free.


The easiest and most versatile way to consume cannabis. Toke it, twax it, or infuse it.

Get Jetty delivered to your home. Available in San Diego, the Greater LA Area, San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay with more locations coming soon.

Find a licensed dispensary near you. Just enter your zip code to find a dispensary in your neighborhood. 


The cleanest vape made without any chemicals, ever. Sourced from highest-quality sustainable sun-grown cannabis.  Just ice and water for unmatched flavor from the first hit to last.

Live Resin

100% Live Resin for people who love flavor. Cryoextracted in our lab to capture a full-spectrum of plant compounds for a powerful entourage effect. Our gentle extraction process keeps the tasty terpenes and plant compounds for a true-to-flower smoke


Since 2015, we’ve collected all the OG strains you know and love. Crafted in our Oakland lab from small-farm, sun-grown cannabis. 

“[Trainwreck is] one of Jetty’s best. Didn’t bog me down and was able to enjoy my high. Great taste and affordable, a hard balance to find.”
Jetty Customer | IHeartJane
“Jetty’s Sky OG Live Resin cart definitely carried the scent and feel of flower but the convenience of a pen. I LOVED the wood tip – thought it added so much to the look and feel of the pen.”
Jetty Customer | IHeartJane
This [Banana Punch Rosin] is niceee…one dab of it has me very mellow and my eyes low. The high is relaxing without being sleepy. Doesn’t turn my rig dark, and doesn’t burn the throat if taken at the right temperature. I’d recommend this to someone who doesn’t mind spending an extra buck as this is on the pricier side but definitely worth it.”.
Haley W


We’re an open book. Check out our blog to learn about our initiatives, new products, cannabis education, and to see what happens behind the scenes.

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Jetty’s 2022 In Review!

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