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Jetty Extracts was founded in 2013 by a few San Diego surfers with a passion for cannabis. Our company vision is a reflection of the world we want to live in. This world includes goods being created in the most sustainable, healthy way possible. We want a world where people with illnesses can have access to things that make them feel better.  A world where we encourage one another to follow dreams and do incredible things.




If potency is what you’re after then you just struck Gold. Three stages of refinement go into producing our flasgship product. Jetty Extracts Gold is a distilled, solventless oil, often testing greater than 80% THC. Inside our one-of-a-kind glass tank with wood tip cartridge - isn't it beautiful?


Not all discerning connoisseurs are wholly focused on THC and potency. Jetty Extracts Pure CO2 oil is all about synergy. We pay close attention to extraction temperatures and pressures to preserve as much of the plant's botanical essence, terpene flavors and nuance as possible. Strain specific, our Pure CO2 oil offers balanced, well rounded effects and often tests between 60%-70% THC.


Jetty Extracts Vape Juice refill vials are great for vaping on the go. 3ML of strain specific cannabis E-juice can be used to fill any liquid vaping device and most vape pens and mods on the market today.


Jetty Extracts CO2 Wax is available in two forms. Gold is a highly refined, well balanced, cannabis concentrate favored for potency. The Pure form is extracted without additional refinement to maintain that marijuana flavor and a high percentage of terpenes.


Combine Jetty Extracts CO2 oil cartridges with the Jetty Extracts Battery to medicate at maximum convenience. A perfect puff every time, the Vape Pen is a must-have for medicating everywhere you go.


Toss out those messy syringes! The Jetty Extracts Dablicator™ is a direct dabbing apparatus filled with our top notch CO2 Wax concentrate. Twist to dispense the desired amount of medicine directly from the metal tip onto your favorite glass piece or vape pen. Discreet and efficient, the Dablicator™ holds 1ML of cannabis extracts.

From Diego To The Bay Hat

From Diego To The Bay Hat

$ 25.00


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