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Together we have donated over $1 million in cannabis products to 1,000+ cancer patients!

What is the Shelter Project?

When the Jetty Shelter Project started in 2014, we knew we’d face challenges. And we definitely have! Yet our passion for providing people with the plant medicine they need remains strong as ever. Our mission is simple: provide free cannabis products to low income cancer patients. The program began with one dispensary partner in California. Today we work with 4 dispensaries and in 2024 expanded the Shelter Project to Colorado!

Compassionate cannabis began in the ‘90s (Prop 215) with activists like Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary fighting for disenfranchised and marginalized groups. Recipients of this program included chronic and terminally ill patients, people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and veterans. But when California legalized recreational use (Prop 64), it inadvertently made operating a compassionate cannabis program impossible. A multi-year effort to fix the flaw finally passed in 2019. Our founders actively lobbied for the reform, and our Cannabis For Good tour was instrumental in gathering the signatures needed to pass Senate Bill 34. With Harborside Oakland’s support, we’re successfully relaunching our Oakland pilot project to donate products while maintaining compliance.  

Cannabis is medicine, and compassion programs like ours ensure dignity and relief for those already struggling with so much. So far, the Jetty Shelter Project has helped more than 1,000 patients. We are continually adding more dispensary partnerships as fast as we can to proudly help more people in need. 

Thank you for your continued support, patience, and love.

– Shelter Project Team


Join Shelter Project

The mission of the Shelter Project is to provide free cannabis to low-income cancer patients. 

Operating as a community-service based program, the Shelter Project was created to serve the underserved and severely ill cancer patients in California.  Our approach is based on our leadership within the cannabis industry and the ability to leverage and set a precedent for improving and humanizing safe access to medicine. 

Shelter Project is available for patients in California and Colorado. Patients receive up to 4gs of cannabis concentrates per month.  

Dispensary Partners: 

Thank you to our partners who help make Shelter Project happen. Without their partnership and support we would not be able to get free cannabis to patients in need. Thank you to:

Cornerstone Wellness, Eagle Rock, CA
Catalyst, Patterson, CA
Harborside, Oakland, CA
New: Leiffa, Denver, CO

Shelter Patient Requirements: 

  • Must have an active cancer diagnosis
  • Must have a valid California or Colorado ID
  • Must have a medical marijuana card (MMC or MMRC)
  • Must qualify for a government assistance program (SNAP, LEAP/Cal Fresh, cash assistance, disability assistance, etc.)

Open Enrollment Starts May 1st!

We review applications twice a year in June and December. Open enrollment periods are May 1 – June 30 and November 1 to December 31 each year. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance via email. 

Enrollment is straight forward, but we are here to help every step of the way. If you have any questions about the program or the status of your enrollment please contact shelteroutreach@jettyextracts.com.