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The strength and additional benefits of cannabis concentrates are well known within the industry. Those looking for a unique experience with more depth and varied subtleties than a simple joint can find what they seek in this innovative form of consumption. Upon further investigation, one will find that there are many forms on the market, including live resin concentrates in Los Angeles. Each is tailored to different tastes and preferences, and a thorough understanding of one’s options is needed to make the best decisions on product investments.

Oil is the most popular way to consume marijuana concentrate, ever-developing over the last several decades. As a concentrate, oils use chemical solvents to draw out their valuable compounds. While both butane and propane can be utilized, the most prevalent is CO2, given its ability to produce a superbly clean result. As the industry is becoming more conscious of health risks and possible toxic by-products, the purity of taste, aroma, and high are valued alongside the decreased exposure to materials like carcinogens. Typically consumed by using a vaporizer device, the huge potential of oils is also encouraged by the widened array of detectable flavor and aroma profiles. This makes for a more complete experience with the benefits of THC and CBD.

Besides oil, shatter is arguably the most renowned form of concentrated cannabis on the market. Because of this, the brittle product has become the subject of a rather wide-reaching niche end of the marijuana industry. This extract, as mentioned, is quite fragile and can “shatter” easily, hence the name. The extraction processes, primarily resulting in either butane or propane hash oil, and the originating strain used to produce it, largely determine the final color of the shatter product. The average shatter concentrate possesses an orange-yellow hue, though, with variations in transparency and cloudiness, depending on the aforementioned variables.

The most prominent draw to this cannabis good is its ability to retain and deliver potency. THC concentrations range from a shocking 70% to an overwhelming 90%, attracting cannabis lovers with its superior purity and potential for theintensity of the experience. Ideally, shatter is stored on parchment paper at cooler temperatures to avoid messy melting.

Consistency-wise, wax is somewhere between rigid shatter and liquid oil. Its intensity and strength are also right up there with shatter, with THC concentration falling between 60% and 90%. Like oil, wax can easily be consumed using a vaporizer, and by using an intricate and pipe-like dab rig device. When using this type of concentrate, the experts suggest using the proper tools and skill, as wax can be sticky and messy to manipulate if not handled with care.

Live Resin
Live resin in Los Angeles means that the harvested marijuana buds used in production are flash frozen right after picking. This allows for the preservation of as many valuable compounds as possible, retaining THC concentration and unique terpene content. The extraction performed on the frozen plant can produce a product much more rounded and robust than other methods, exciting the modern consumer with its overwhelming intensity. Subsequent live resin cartridges in Los Angeles involve the use of the resin texturally resembling wet wax, calling for proper storage at room temperature or lower to avoid melting.

Rosin and Live Rosin
Rosin is an intriguing option for those looking to avoid chemical solvents altogether. While there are certainly reputable establishments that make the product, rosin is also simple enough for many to extract it in the comfort of their home. Once the flowers have dried, an extraction process involving heat, temperature fluctuations, and pressure alone is used to pull out the coveted compounds. Given the lack of chemicals, Rosin is becoming well-known as the cleanest cannabis concentrates. As the extraction process is rather nuanced, production on an industrial scale is challenging, so this type of concentrate has remained a smaller-scale endeavor. Live Rosin is simply Rosin produced with the use of fresh frozen cannabis flowers rather than dry buds, boosting the compound and flavor profile.

Terp Sauce
As a result of an extraction process resembling that of live resin, Terp Sauce benefits from having its terpene content manipulated by reintroducing and boosting concentration. As such, the flavor experience stands out the most with this concentrated product, though its potency and THC content are crucial to its intense personality. Terp sauce is a perfect example of what makes concentrates so appealing to deliver a complete sensory experience when combined with the entourage effect of cannabinoid and terpene-rich extracts from the marijuana plant.

Crumble, also called sugar wax, is known for using butane hash oil for extraction. This concentrate can be just as intense as wax and shatter, from 60% to 90% THC concentration. This type of marijuana product looks like sugar, and it is not hard to believe that it is also the driest form of extract available. Dab rigs and vaporizers are the most popular ways to reap their benefits. However, it can also be sprinkled onto joints for an added kick during regular smoking sessions.

Somewhere between wax and crumble texturally, the potency of budder can be comparable, if not stronger, than shatter and wax, with THC levels reaching greater than 90% concentration in some instances. Best stored at lower temperatures, this concentrate also is one of the more costly options, given the intricate process of whipping used to attain the lighter and “creamier” consistency.

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