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Update, Late 2020/Early 2021

Expanding Shelter

When the Jetty Shelter Project started in 2014, we knew we’d face many challenges. And we definitely have! Yet our mission and passion to provide patients with cannabis remains as strong as ever. We are happy to now share with all of you that our Oakland pilot program to re-launch Shelter is a success! That means we will be able to expand our partnerships with dispensaries, adding more patients and pickup locations.

A quick recap of recent challenges. The legalization of cannabis for recreational use (Prop. 64) inadvertently made the operation of cannabis compassion programs virtually impossible. A multi-year effort to fix that flaw finally passed in 2019 (Senate Bill 34). Implementation of the new law took time and presented a new set of challenges. Among them is a regulation requiring all donated products to be shipped by Jetty to a licensed dispensary for patient pickup. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Harborside Oakland for participating in this pilot program. After navigating numerous logistics, compliance and other regulatory challenges with the team at Harborside, a new path for expanding Shelter is now clear.

Shelter Project will be adding more dispensary partners throughout 2021. Please know that while we are encouraged to finally have a legal path to expanding the program, expansion is a slow process. The program at Harborside will continue without interruption, and our next depot, Airfield Supply in San Jose, will be online in early 2021.

Thank you for continued support, patience and love.

-The Shelter Team

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