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Infused prerolls are hot. Cannabis consumers are discovering their ready-to-go convenience and oil-boosted potency. Which got the R&D team at Jetty thinking…how would Jetty do prerolls? Sure, we specialize in extracts, but we love smoking flower too. And you don’t become an award winning-winning extractor without also being a flower expert.

We listed a few things that mattered to us.

  1. High quality flower
    Buds only, no trim. No bad flower masked by oil.
  2. High quality oil
    It has to add to the experience and can’t just be “any old oil” (we’re Jetty afterall).
  3. Potency
    Not just a THC boost; we want to add to the entourage effect that comes from smoking a full array of terpenes and cannabinoids.
  4. Logical pairings
    Match sativa or indica or hybrid flower and oil, but let’s not stop there. How about complementary dessert strains for both flower and oil? Or fuel strains? Or?

We did some tests (always the fun part!) and tapped Jetty UNREFINED Live Resin as the oil infusion for our debut offering. Loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes, it’s a minimally processed 100% live resin that’s becoming one of Jetty’s most popular vapes. It’s the perfect oil to pair with flower grown by our small farm partners, and also the perfect oil to super charge potency and create a big, full entourage high. And these things are seriously potent, more than even the approximately 30% THC the lab results suggest.

As Jetty’s cofounder and head of production Nate Ferguson puts it,

“I smoke tons of concentrates and flower every day and these prerolls get me super f&*!#ng ripped!”

And with that, Jetty Live Resin Prerolls were born. We sat down with Nate to get a little deeper into our first preroll pairings.

Jetty: Nate, what makes Jetty Live Resin Prerolls unique?

Nate: It’s our UNREFINED Live Resin. We’re using the same UNREFINED Live Resin that’s in our main cartridges and pods and in our Dablicator™ oil applicator. It’s our take on 100% percent live resin, that’s very minimally processed and has a great terpene profile, great cannabinoid profile. And with that oil paired with top-tier flower, it’s really making a great infused pre-roll.

Jetty: Speaking of pairings…how do you choose the flower and oil combinations?

Nate: First we want to keep our Sativas with Sativas, Indicas with Indicas. We also want to choose flower and oil pairings that complement each other really well. For our launch, we used the flower Sour Cake, which is a Sour Diesel x Wedding Cake cross. And we use the oil Wedding Crasher, which is also a Wedding Cake cross. So you’re getting those cake flavors and some light sour notes.

For more of a sedated, Indica dominant collaboration we have Motor Breath flower, which is a really nice SFV OG cross. And then we married that with our 3 Bears Kush [UNREFINED Live Resin]. So it’s very heavy on the Kush side. Big earthy notes on that one. They pair really, really well together and then effects are great.

Look for Jetty Live Resin prerolls at California dispensaries now. Available in 1.2g Singles, and .7g 5-Packs.





The cleanest, most flavorful extracts made without ever touching a chemical. Made with just ice and water.


Solventless, Live Resin, and High THC vapes. The most discreet and convenient way to smoke

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