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New Awards, New Products, Same ‘Ol Fire

We started 2022 with a hyped response to 2021’s Solventless Vape release and the announcement of an Emerald Cup Award: Jetty’s Fatso Solventless Cartridge 1g won 2nd Place in the Solventless Vape category!

When we put our heads together to create Jetty’s latest products, we think about what we like, what we smoke, and what’s in it. That’s the beauty of Jetty’s Solvenltess Collection, we can tally the ingredients with one hand: Solventless Hash Oil, made only with ice & water.

This year we expanded our Solventless Collection from single 1.2 gram pre-rolls & added the convenience of 5 & 10 count Pre-Roll Packs. Our Solventless Pre-Rolls start with greenhouse-grown cannabis from a California Legacy Farm and undergo a dry infusion with our cold water hash extraction. This unique blend burns slow & steady while providing a dynamic terpene profile with each puff.

During the summer partnered with Kiva Confections to combine Jetty’s experience in cannabis extraction with Lost Farm’s delicious fine-tuned flavor. We’re grateful the opportunity to bring a unique taste of Jetty to life with Honey Apple x Sunshine OG Lost Farm Gummies & Sour Berry x Legend OG Lost Farm Chews! 

This was one of two great partnerships this year, the second being with Canopy Growth. The support we’re receiving from Canopy Growth will allow us to expand the Jetty Fam in all ways, from new products & experiences to new team members & a new friendship with Wana & Acreage Holdings. 

WEED Like to Thank you

In May, three of our products were recognized by the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition: 

  • Jetty’s Banana Punch Solventless Cartridge 
  • Jetty’s Hand Sanitizer – Made with real cannabis terpenes!
  • Jetty’s Super Lemon Haze 100% Live Resin Concentrate

Followed by August’s Farmer’s Cup where our Solventless Collection was recognized:

  • Jetty’s Solventless Cherry Bomb Live Rosin Concentrate
  • Jetty’s Gas Man Solventless Cartridge 

Focused on maintaining quality, flavor, & care we extract oil, not for trophies or titles, but for its life enhancing affects– medicinal or otherwise. Earning recognition is all thanks to our Jetty Fam & the supporters who uplift craft concentrates & extracts– we thank you all for believing in the power of clean cultivation & responsible extraction. 

Whether we earn awards or not, the production stays the same, and the goal remains: responsibly creating the best damn cannabis to enhance people’s lives. 

Community News

In 2022 we released three Community Impact Strains, each their own experience & benefitting a separate non-profit with purchase. Elemental OG contributing to San Diego Coastkeeper, Reckless Rainbow supporting Equality California, & Pink Lemonade in partnership with KeepABreast. 

With the help of the Jetty Fam across California we were able to donate over $30,000 to our partners this year. There’s always room to grow, but we’re grateful for the opportunity to support our communities in any capacity.

Supporting our community is why we stick to responsible manufacturing & exceptional sun-grown cannabis as our main ingredient. Starting in 2023 we’ll be delivering a Solventless Collection that’s OCal Certified, and we’re thankful to A.J. Herrington for featuring this move with the Forbes article Jetty Extracts Announces OCal ‘Comparable-To-Organic’ Certification For Its Cannabis Concentrates

Our hope is that OCal certification gives Jetty fans & newbies the option of smoking clean cannabis products that have been produced with care. Being OCal Certified means the input flower is grown without using most conventional pesticides; and without fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or bioengineering.

Solventless is not a stage for us, but a promise to clean consumption, & we are grateful to AJ Harrington for this mention. We create for our friends, family, and inner-cannaseuir – all the articles and awards are an added positive we cannot be more thankful for.

Always innovating, always researching, & always smoking: we’re ending 2022 high & getting even higher in 2023!




The cleanest, most flavorful extracts made without ever touching a chemical. Made with just ice and water.


Solventless, Live Resin, and High THC vapes. The most discreet and convenient way to smoke

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