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Reckless Rainbow for the win!

With your help we’re donating over $10,000!

Happy Smoking Jetty Fam! Last June Jetty released its Reckless Rainbow compassion cart, an exciting Sativa perfect for celebrating life, in celebration of pride month. Like all compassion carts, 10% of its proceeds are to be donated to our partner and this year it’s all going to Equality California!

The team at Equality California works at the local, state, and national level to ensure the rights of LGBTQ+ community members are protected. We’re happy to announce that this year we’ll be donating $11,642 in full to Equality California in support of all their endeavors! 

Jetty Compassion Strains aim to give back to our community with tangible donations and real life action. Back in 2013 when Jetty was in its early days we decided part of our mission was to provide premium cannabis free of charge to cancer patients who needed it most. Nearly nine years later Jetty continues to donate cannabis to the patients who need it most through what we call the Shelter Project program. 

Currently our Shelter Project program runs at two California Dispensaries, Harborside Oakland & Airfield Supply in San Jose. This program allows us to reach those in our community who might struggle otherwise, but for those we can’t reach for one reason or another we’ve created a line of Compassion cartridges. 

Pick up a Reckless Rainbow cartridge now, and keep an eye out for not one, but three very special compassion carts hitting shelves near you as we round out 2022.