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We're Back baby!

It’s time to let your favorite New Yorker know that nearly ten years after Jetty was started in San Diego, CA, our founders – who were born in New York and New Jersey, are taking Jetty’s craft cannabis to the Empire State. In a way, our new joint is an old joint, and we can’t wait to light it up again!

California or New York the mission stays the same: We discover and responsibly create the best damn cannabis products to enchance poeple’s lives and well-being. This is a mission we want to share, like a Jetty joint, or a fresh dab hit, pass this along to your homies in New York and watch them thank you!

In the early days we were one of the first vape producers to create a product free of cutting agents and fillers; in present days we’re stoked at the opportunity to provide for New Yorkers like never before, and encourage you all to share with your east coast contacts!

Six Jetty High THC Strains rest on top of a pink checkered cloth next to a jetty pizza box


Bringing West coast vibes to the East coast hustle, we’d like to introduce Jetty’s HIGH THC Collection made for New York featuring six iconic strains: Blue Dream, Alien OG, GDP, Pineapple Express, Maui Wowie, and Northern Lights #5.

We’re starting in New York with familiar favorites sure to pack a classic Jetty punch. Featuring natural cannabis-derived terpenes – each of Jetty’s HIGH THC Cartridges is produced with experience in mind, never sacrificing quality, and always providing potency.

The vivid art for each individual strain was made custom for Jetty by Southern California based artist Scott Lakey! Fans familiar with our HIGH THC strains might notice a slight difference in style and that’s because New York has different cannabis packaging rules.

Rules were meant to be broken – but we’d like for you all to try Jetty, so sometimes we follow them for the greater good(you’re welcome!) Some rules take a little longer to figure out, so we’re only launching with HIGH THC cartridges, but stick around as Jetty’s New York Collection continues to grow.

six jetty high thc cartridges lined up from left to right: pineapple express, blue dream, alien og, maui wowie, gdp, and northern lights #5.

Spread the word, win some swag

Our passion for doing cannabis right is rooted in our love for the plant, and a desire to empower access. What we do is obsess over creating the highest-quality extracts because cannabis elevates our experiences, and we’re here to deliver elevation to all who seek it from East to West, and back again.

We invite you all to join Jetty’s special homecoming by sharing the news with your friends in New York’s five boroughs and entering our cross-country giveaway! Visit our giveaway page to enter, and complete as many options as you’d like, but only once.

FIVE lucky winners will receive a Jetty Swag Bag on Feb 17, 2023, and one lucky winner will receive a brand new Zenco Duo! 😉 Participation is limited to adults 21+ and those living in the contiguous United States.

Last thing, did you notice you’ve been reading on our brand new website?! Refreshed right on time for our New York release, be sure to click around and visit our Demo Calendar, our FAQ, or send us a message we’re always here for ya!




The cleanest, most flavorful extracts made without ever touching a chemical. Made with just ice and water.


Solventless, Live Resin, and High THC vapes. The most discreet and convenient way to smoke

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