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Jetty Sushi

Cannabis sushi is rather unconventional, but a better word for Jetty Sushi is avant-garde.

MediChefs, Daniel, Austin and Brandon might not agree with this statement but the coincidence is irresistible: Jetty Sushi was inaugurated on Election Day 2016, at a Jetty Extracts party in San Diego. Among all the memories made that day, it was nice for those of us gathered to remember, especially, how it all tasted. 

To be sure, these guys are no small force in the catering scene. As a team, their breakout event was at the San Diego Marriott, during Comic-Con - the largest event of its kind in the world. They weren't serving medicated rolls to convention goers - but they were making sushi at an unprecedented volume. And, as anyone in catering and hospitality will tell you- it's as much about the food as it is about the people.

As You Like It

That's exactly why the Omakase tradition works so well. The Japanese word translates to, "as you like it" or "leave it up to us" and MediChef Brandon explains, "instead of choosing off a menu, we get the freedom to experiment with whatever ingredients are on hand. It creates a memorable experience for customers who, as it turns out, want to be entertained as much as they want to be fed." 

Medicated mayo is the key to medicated sushi. Interestingly, it's also the ingredient that is at first mistaken for being rather conventional. Containing 20-30 mg of THC, the mayo in one roll is inconspicuous; purposefully indistinct. It doesn't taste like weed. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to discern the medicated from non-medicated rolls. (And when you invite these guys to host your next catered event, you can be sure they'll bring mayo for both.)

"Sushi is ultimately about texture," MediChef Austin remarks, "it took us 2-3 months to get the math right."  Now they offer two types of infused mayos- indica and sativa. In the future, they plan on introducing more options for mayo 'as you like it' with the same nuances- clean, discreet and low dosage.

Maybe you've seen Jetty Extracts and the MediChefs at a patient appreciation day or a dispensary demo day and they rolled you a fat one. Now you want to invite the guys over for dinner. Or, maybe you're only starting to imagine what a medicated sushi event of your own might be like...

Jetty Sushi Torched

...or what cannabis-infused sushi finished by torch actually tastes like?

Like no other, this sushi reveals itself to you. We recommend submitting yourself completely to its high quality allure


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