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First Dispensary Visit? We took some newbies to experience their pain (and joy?)

We like to think we’ve seen it all. From the outlaw early days of cannabis to the semi-legal medical market. And now, the totally new world of rec. Truth is, there’s something folks like us never really got to see in the old days: The new rec consumer.

While it’s easy for us to say how much we love weed, it’s a real possibility that new users may not get there right out of the gate. It breaks our heart when the outcome of an experience is “I hate weed.” Or “I’m never doing that again.”

So that got us thinking: What’s it like being a brand-new weed customer?

We talked to some Newbies*. Went shopping with them. Partly because we wanted to relive our youthful experiences of buying weed for the first time. But really because the recreational market is a whole new world, and shopping for cannabis is well, unique.

We’ve been in this game a LONG time—we think we can help. From true first-timers, to people who haven’t smoked since college. To young professionals, new moms and dads, grandmas—basically everyone is giving it try. Or at least thinking about cannabis.

Here are a few helpful observations from our totally unscientific science experiment.

We saw a nice young mom comparison shopping some flower**. Figure out her amount then have no idea what do with it (seriously, “what am I supposed to do with this” was her real thought). No pipe. No device. No rolling skills. Sure, there’s a bit of a learning curve but anything fun is worth doing. After realizing her predicament, a sharp bud tender steered her toward vape.

Check out our Beginners Guide to Cannabis Flower

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An edible experience went south because, well, some budtenders*** have a different definition of what a “recommended dose” should be. They have a high tolerance. Pun intended. Answer: start small. A 10mg dose is generally considered small. Start with half that. Then wait. Like a couple hours. Trust us. You don’t want to get lost in your own neighborhood. Find yourself navigating the chip aisle at the grocery store at peak hours. Dazed and hungry.
Another friend new to cannabis had the totally wrong idea about vape, not realizing it would have been the right way for them to get started. Guess what? It’s clean, with no additives or artificial crap (at least all Jetty vape oil is). It’s not smoke but vapor so it’s much less harsh to consume. It’s ready when you are—no work, no waiting, and you can dose as much or as little as you want.

Check out our Beginners Guide to Cannabis Oil and Vaping

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Weed is fun. Relaxing. Helps with pain management, anxiety and insomnia. Increases passion. Creativity. Does wonders for music. Armed with just a little bit of weed knowledge, you can find a strain and delivery method that is right for you.

Of this we are sure…Let’s have some fun!

*We say that with nuthin’ but love. Our passion is for cannabis, so the more people we can help enjoy, the happier we are.

**That’s the insider way to describe a dried marijuana bud.

***Like the name suggests, the budtender is like your bartender. Many are super knowledgeable and can offer great advice.




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