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Survival Tips and Recommended Cannabis Products

In addition to being a Jetty Extracts sales rep, our Survival Guide author, Cameron Pittman (@the.canna.dad) holds a BA Psychology and Human Development and Family Relations. He is currently working on a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership.

Dads have been smoking cannabis since before many of us were alive or even had kids of our own. One thing I love encountering in the field are people with two or three generations of cannabis experience and how they integrate the now-legal plant into traditional celebrations. Especially how it opens up new opportunities to connect. However, for many that is not the norm and we are still figuring out ways to normalize the plant and show the benefits that we love to enjoy. So, enter Father’s Day. Let me sum it up for you. It’s your day. Yes, there are a few father’s that you have to thank for their support on this journey but ultimately this is a day you get to bask in being a father and all that goes into what makes that happen. You work hard! It is an active choice to be present in your children’s lives and look for ways to enrich if you chose. We all know that holidays can often leave us feeling overwhelmed but what better way to show the impact of this plant than on a day when all eyes are on you. How does a dad survive Father’s Day looking and feeling like the best version of yourself? I remember hating Father’s Day as a kid. See, I didn’t have a dad. It was a feeling that never left me. Who needed a whole day of people reminding you of what you didn’t have? Now I’m honored to be starting traditions and reframing what the holiday looks like to me.

In no particular order, here are the top ten Father’s Day survival tips.

  1. Be specific. It’s Father’s Day and you get to do what you want and generally the family tends to oblige. If you don’t want to wake up until 10am then have your kids craft a fun “do not disturb sign.” Often, I think as parents we push what we want to the side. We take on this mentality that It’s not about us; it’s about those beautiful kids we are raising. But here is one day you are allowed to ask for what you want and design a day that shows what is important to you. Remember, as we decide to do what we want to be a good role model in the process. Inconsiderate behavior, bad manners, anger, sloppy habits, negative attitude, greed and laziness, are all behaviors that will rub off on your child. Ensure that on a day when the focus is on you that you are mindful of sending the right message.
  2. Get involved. Connect with the other men in your family. I feel like we often leave the plans up to our partners but sulk the whole time because we are stuck in an in-law’s hot kitchen. Why not plan with the other dads in the family to skip the gifts and take the whole crew to a ball game or a picnic and activities at the park. Encourage the men in your family to come together and help lay out the plans. Bonus for home turf advantage as you can ensure that wherever your day ends up, there will be a proper place to smoke.
  3. Plan Ahead! Alright I’m not gonna say that this might be the most pivotal tip in a successful Father’s Day, but it’s pretty darn important. Most of us who consume cannabis do so to ensure that they have a better quality of life, fun, relaxation. Well, in order to achieve that goal, we need our products. Visit a dispensary the week or day before so you are prepared. Who knows how you might be feeling the morning of Father’s Day? You want to be prepared to enjoy the day. And more than likely, if you go to cool dispensaries who care about the experience of the consumer, they will have some fun gifts catered especially for you. Look for discounts. Take Grandpa and let him experience the first-time dispensary visit.
  4. Be present! The deadline. The numbers. The emails or calls. Those can all wait for another day. It’s not often that you get to sit and be present with your family. The time you set aside will be valued and appreciated by those around you. Don’t be the absent dad. If we are looking at mistakes, the biggest one that a dad can make is not being there for their families. Always, always set aside time each day for your children and family. This is one of those days where you are free to enjoy every minute!
  5. Come together! Plan a reunion once a year for all the Dad’s in your life. Spouses and kids included. It is a great way to connect with other dads. Being a father is tough so the more that you hear that from other people the better you will feel. Even one weekend a year with close friends and family who are in the same stages of life makes a difference. Spend more time with the people that make you happy.

Now, a survival list wouldn’t be complete without recommendations for products. There might be a few of you who are unsure as to what would be a good product to bring to the BBQ or hike. Maybe you’re reading this, and you want to buy your father something to help make his day more enjoyable. Below are a few recommendations of things I often have around that really help integrate cannabis into a positive daily lifestyle.

  1. Jetty Extracts. Let’s be real: most people shopping are looking for quality, consistency and affordability. I might be biased but Jetty Extracts products definitely check every one of those boxes. The Pax Era Pods that Jetty makes has to be the most used cannabis device that I own. The sleek design makes it look like a portable charger. The battery life is not something that I ever worry about. And the functionality makes it a top choice for me.
  2. Lowell Pre-rolls. Well for those of you who know me I’m kind of a big guy. Finding quality pre-rolls that not only looked good but would not get squished while holding them was often a challenge. Also, I have a ton of shit to keep track of especially with the kids, these pre-rolls come with matches and a nice sturdy box. Light me up! 
  3. Puffco Peak. This portable dab rig is definitely a game changer when it comes to being able to have a quality dab wherever, whenever you are. The ease and portability makes this a go-to rig. 
  4. Chocolate. I’m not a huge edibles guy. It’s not my preferred method of consumption. What I have found is that everyone likes chocolate. If you are around people who are ever on the fence about this whole cannabis thing, chocolate can be a way to introduce them without sending them into the stratosphere. 
  5. Beer. Not everyone is comfortable with cannabis and as we work toward normalizing cannabis use in a responsible manner, a beer can help bridge the gap in social settings where you don’t want anyone to feel left out. A hit off your pen or a toke from your joint might not be something that everyone wants to try. But hand them a cold beer and they are more likely to hang out and chat. Again, this is a great opportunity to normalize and bring people into your fold. 



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