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Aside from helping to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, and insomnia, cannabis has also become well known as a viable option for treating those suffering from chronic and severe pain. Whether as a form of palliative care for short-term conditions, the miracle composition of the plant has come to be an openly embraced alternative. When more conventional medical treatments fail to meet expectations, this rich plant can be just what is lacking in a patient’s arsenal in dealing with pain.

How Cannabis Treats Pain

With the use of marijuana for pain, it is important to be aware that different CBD products work in distinct ways, meaning that one’s situation may not be suitable for all CBD treatments. Generally speaking, though, CBD is an anti-inflammatory. Though more research is needed on this element of marijuana, there are many reasons to assume that the cannabinoid molecule, which is also included in live rosin concentrates in Los Angeles, can help with chronic pain.

THC has also been researched heavily and been found to be the key player in the pain-relieving potential of the cannabis plant. Studies on animal and human brain tissue support this assertion. Some studies have shown marijuana to reduce the intensity of pain. Others indicate that it assists in improving quality of life but not necessarily reducing pain itself. Instead, cannabis may be a helpful tool to cope with the ongoing stress and preoccupation that pain brings. Whatever the case, there are many factors an individual must consider to take the optimal treatment.

Beneficial Strain Elements

It is helpful to think of the optimal strain for individual use as boiling down to chemistry. One must find the right match for their unique body, including individual endocannabinoid systems, brain chemistry, and pain receptors. When searching for the right product to use, like live hash rosin in California, one must consider some key elements to make an informed decision on their treatment. Most people searching for pain relief lean toward cannabis strains and products rich in CBD, or feature a balance between CBD and THC. Also, THC is the most important element in cannabis as far as pain relief, but the psychotropic effects must be balanced. Furthermore, using a product rich in both cannabinoids can help temper the psychotropic effects of THC while still allowing for the use of its healing benefits.

Forms of Consumption

While there are many forms of taking marijuana as a pain treatment, vaporizing concentrates like flower rosin in California is the most popular way. This is due to the fast-acting nature of vaping, given that vapor can deliver marijuana’s effects to the body almost immediately. For vaporizers, it is especially crucial to gauge one’s tolerance and needs. Using lower THC products is often the best option, allowing the dosage to be measured carefully rather than risking an overdose with high-THC treatments.

Edibles can also be helpful, though patients must be aware of the slower onset time for benefits, taking up to several hours. This is also why one must be careful with the dosage for edible cannabis, waiting at least three hours to see if more is needed. Once an edible does take effect, the benefits can last up to 12 hours for the consumer, which can be a great treatment for those suffering from pain and ensuing sleep issues.

Topicals are another modern innovation being explored by those seeking relief. As there is no ingestion involved, this method is a non-intoxicating method ideal for those hesitant to experience any psychotropic aspects of cannabis. Though more research is needed, there is reason to believe that application to the affected area several times a day of a cannabis-based product is optimal and safe.

Proper Use for an Individual

The amount of cannabis needed by an individual suffering from pain-related issues depends on many factors. These include:

  • Genetic makeup
  • Individual body chemistry
  • Tolerance to cannabis
  • Lifestyle
  • Timing of meals
  • Method of consumption

Generally, starting with a low dose of THC and building up slowly is the best plan of action. Once someone finds regular use is helpful to their wellbeing, it is also important to take small breaks from consumption, typically about two days. This ensures that the body stays sensitive to the benefits of the given cannabis product. It is also essential to keep balance and moderation in mind, as marijuana can be an addictive substance for many.

The proper time of day for taking cannabis also depends on personal situations. One’s treatment must fit one’s lifestyle and pain needs. Those who use products heavier in THC may prefer to only partake at night and before bed, given that the cannabinoid causes impairment. Activities like driving or working are often not an option when under the influence of THC-rich products. Although repeated marijuana use allows for individuals to build a tolerance to THC, some may be able to take a small dosage during the day and function normally after a certain amount of time. Time of day may not be a factor for others, though, as choosing purely CBD products are also an option. Many people find it helpful to mix both THC and purely CBD products into different times of their routine, creating a personalized treatment plan.

Comparison with Conventional Medication

Cannabis, like live rosin in Los Angeles, is often sought out as a safer alternative to existing, risky medications for chronic pain. Opioids and benzodiazepines are two of the most common conventional prescriptions given by doctors to patients. However, the side effects of these medicines can be dangerous, including overdoses and addiction. If not as an all-out replacement of the aforementioned substances, patients can sometimes, at least, lower their dosages and dependency on the other harder drugs.




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