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Jetty Extracts is stepping into the magnificent state of Colorado and we’re bringing our award-winning Solventless Collection with us!

Colorado’s rich cannabis history and breathtaking natural wonders, serve as the perfect backdrop for life’s adventures. This adventure has brought Jetty and our pure cannabis goods into the enthralling world of the Centennial State.

Also a part of our launch is Jetty’s Solventless Summer promotion: spend $50 on any products in Jetty’s Solventless Collection and we will send you a $10 Amazon gift-card. 


Together with our good friends Leiffa, we’ve made sure to select the best strains to represent Colorado’s colorful communities. Grown indoors, we have full trust in Leiffa to produce high quality flower that produces excellent extract. 

Leiffa and Jetty have been connected for many years, pushing each other to reach new heights in our respective states. We’re excited to take our partnership to a new level and join together in Colorado to bring Jetty’s Solventless Collection to life.


With direct oversight by the same leadership of our California facilities, Jetty’s Solventless Collection in Colorado is nothing less than a pure solventless extraction made solely with ice and water. To learn more about our solventless extraction process visit our Solventless Page here.

Check out our full Colorado Launch List below and browse our Store Locator here. 

Ready for Adventure?

Find Jetty’s Solventless Collection will be launching in three locations: Leiffa’s flagship store in Lakewood, CO, Oasis Dispensaries, and Rocky Road Aurora in Auroroa, CO. 

 We’re launching with six Solventless strains ready to be explored:

  • Sour Mash
  • Red Delicious
  • El Pastel
  • Grape Cake
  • Food Fight
  • Tally Ho

Find strain information below, and don’t forget to join our newsletter for all news Jetty Extracts. 

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Extractor’s Notes
Sour Mash
Sour Mash is a blend of funky Hans Solo Burger, gassy Sour Grapes, and nutty Tally Mon. A relaxed, but uplifting high that will have you coming back for more.
Red Delicious
Bite into something truly special. A fruity medley, with flavors of grape, apricot and tropical citrus. Red Delicious lives up to its tasty name.
El Pastel
A delicious blend of papaya, vanilla, banana, El Pastel is a fruity delight. Calming and uplifting, this strain is perfect for unwinding with friends or solo.
Grape Cake
A strong and sedative treat. Berry, lemon, and grape notes shine through in this Grape Cream Cake x Papaya Cake blend.
Food Fight
Flavors of cherries, vanilla and gas makes this strain a rich and potent indulgence. Sedative and relaxing, Food Fight will quite literally leave you hungry for more.
Tallly Ho
Delivering an herbal, piney, spicy aroma with a touch of sweetness, Tally Ho is the perfect choice to help you relax and unwind after a long day.
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The cleanest, most flavorful extracts made without ever touching a chemical. Made with just ice and water.


Solventless, Live Resin, and High THC vapes. The most discreet and convenient way to smoke

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