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Rolling a joint is an enjoyable ritual, but sometimes you don’t want the hassle or mess. If you want a convenient and hassle-free joint, consider purchasing pre-rolled joints from a local dispensary.  Now you need to know how to find the best pre-rolls. Judging the quality of a pre-roll by looking at it can be challenging, unlike other forms of cannabis such as concentrates, flower, and vape cartridges. Low-quality pre-rolls might have seeds and stems or cheap inputs like trim and shake. In this article, we’ll show you how to find the best pre-rolls on the market.

The Advantages of Pre-rolled Joints

The long-held preference for joints for many people is their low cost, simplicity, and portability. Buying pre-rolled joints further simplifies consumption, as it cuts out the need to buy flowers and supplies. You can enjoy a pre-roll immediately after leaving a shop without spending time grinding or rolling.

Dispensaries always offer pre-rolled joints in convenient multi-packs, typically costing only a few dollars each. Pre-rolls also come in a variety of dosages, from lower THC flower pre-rolls to high THC infused pre-rolls. Brands can infuse pre-rolls with various concentrates, including hash, live rosin, live resin, distillate, diamonds, and more.

The Best Flower for a Joint

To make the best quality pre-rolls, producers use whole flower, often referred to as ‘bud’ or ‘nugs’.. Nugs are covered in frosty trichomes. Trichomes are sticky, bulbous glands that contain the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that give cannabis its flavor and effect. A joint made from whole bud offers a stronger effect and taste compared to one made from shake or trim. Look for phrases like “whole bud”, like you see on Jetty’s infused pre-rolls, to get the best quality flower.

Avoid pre-rolls that use shake or trim. During cultivation and trimming, growers remove excess sugar leaves, stems, trichomes, and other plant materials leaving trim. Trim typically contains significantly fewer trichomes. This results in less flavor and a lower THC percentage than pre-rolled joints made with whole bud. Mixing trim with other undesirable parts of the cannabis plant, including seeds and stems, can occur. You can tell if your joint contains seeds by the slight popping noise they make when burning. Avoid trim as it doesn’t offer the flavor or experience of whole bud.

Shake refers to the small pieces of flower that fall off the buds during processing. This is what you see at the bottom of your flower jar. Like trim, these pieces don’t have the concentration of trichomes that make for a great smoking experience.

Small buds, also called “popcorn buds” or “smalls”, are a great alternative nugs. These have trichome concentrations similar to whole bud but are slightly smaller. Smalls aren’t typically what consumers look for in jarred flower, so they are cheaper than whole bud. Look for joints made using smalls or whole bud as they have the best aroma, flavor, and experience.

Co-founder, Nate Ferguson, examines cannabis flower at the farm.

Smart Shopping

If you are looking for a great smoking experience, take note of how the joint was rolled. Many pre-rolls on the market feature a twisted rolling style. This is the most cost-effective way to roll a joint. Jetty uses an elegant Dutch crown rolling style that is folded, not twisted. This ensures an even light and burn, and helps limit canoeing, running, and uneven burning. Air pockets can also cause joints to go out. Look for joints that have a smooth exterior that are full and plump. Also look for Dutch crown rolls that make lighting a joint a breeze, even when it’s breezy out.

Packaging also plays a crucial role in keeping pre-rolled joints fresh. Joints that are exposed to oxygen will dry out, compromising the quality of the product. Look for airtight containers that will protect the cannabis from oxidation. You should also look for packaging that protects the pre-rolls. Wrapped in paper, joints are somewhat fragile and can easily be bent or torn. Especially with multipacks, seek out boxes and containers that will safeguard the pre-rolls in your bag, backpack, or car. We love our aluminum tins that feature a paper insert to keep joints neatly arranged and protected from damage and oxidation.

Jetty Extracts Solventless Cold Water Hash infused pre-rolls.

Summing it all up

Ultimately, your preferences and budget will determine the right pre-roll for you. Here are our top tips:

  • Look for quality rolling styles, like a folded Dutch crown roll.
  • If you are on the hunt for quality, affordable joints, look for small buds that give you all the benefits of whole flower at a lower price.
  • Multipacks can also be a great way to spend less per joint.
  • If you need higher-potency products, try an infused pre-roll. Jetty offers Solventless pre-rolls infused with cold water hash and 100% Live Resin infused pre-rolls. Both offer 30%+ THC for a tasty and potent smoke.

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