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Jetty Puts a New Spin on the Holiday Gift with Purchase

Unique giveback program targets local communities

Gift with Purchase has been the mainstay of holiday shopping for ages, but it just didn’t feel right to us this year. The pandemic continues to take a huge toll in so many ways, including among local businesses who are struggling to make it through. So we thought, let’s forgo the swag and put that money to work in the community. Enter the Jetty Holiday Giveback. It’s a bit of an experiment, so stay with us...

Here’s how it works. Jetty will use a portion of sales this holiday season to purchase gift cards from restaurants, retail stores, and other small shops in neighborhoods throughout California. We'll donate these gift cards back to people in the community, who will then use them to shop and dine (and hopefully spend a little more!). 

It’s a “viciously-positive” cycle that we believe will give a little boost to the local economy. 

“Our values have always been at the heart of what we do,” explains Jetty’s head of sales Rob Ferguson. “Whether it’s a compassion program like the Jetty Shelter Project, helping communities affected by the fires, or other social issues, giving back has been part of our DNA since we started.”

Jetty and all of us in the legal cannabis market are fortunate to be part of an industry the state deems essential. Yet we believe it’s the health of the entire local business community that is truly essential. 

We know it’ll take a lot more to get our friends and neighbors back in good shape. The Jetty Holiday Giveback is a start, offering some help that we hope inspires others to keep the giveback going. Inspiration starts small. Join us!