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Treating our ladies right this mother's day

Still looking for that unique gift that’s going to WOW the moms in your life? Maybe you’re overwhelmed (or just bored!) by the typical go-to’s of mom-branded bottles of wine, spa specials, personalized photo projects or kitchen gadgets.

Maybe it’s high time you gave her a gift that really delivers an experience.

Recommended for ladies by ladies, here’s how to light up her Mother’s Day.

mom loves kush greeting card

For moms new to cannabis: low-THC or non-psychoactive options:

  1. Gift her a Jetty CBD vape pen. The beauty of these .5G disposable pens is that they’re user-friendly and fool-proof. No charging batteries, no buttons to press; no technical knowledge necessary. All Mom has to do is inhale and enjoy the effects of full-spectrum CBD.
  2. Send her a card. What better, more simple way is there to express love for the moms in your life than a witty weed card that’s guaranteed to get a ganja-inspired giggle out of her? Lauren Miele’s cannabis company Kushkards offers a wide selection of original buzzy designs. The Kush Hitter cards even have a place to add a pre-roll to your Happy Mother’s Day message. (Photo Courtesy of Kushkards)
  3.  Low-dose teas are the bees’ knees! Founded by women, and featured in Oprah Magazine, Kikoko gives “high tea” a whole new meaning. Choose from a variety of herbal blends featuring different cannabinoids that promote different feels. I love this gift for the mom who’s on the fence about cannabis but curious to try something new. My favorite is Sensuali-Tea for its aphrodisiac blend of rose petals, hibiscus, orange peel and adaptogenic herbs that nourish intimacy. 
  4. Cannabis-infused artisan confections from Garden Society are sure to indulge her senses. Send her some low-dose, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates or Fruit Gelées in a variety of strain-specific, zesty flavors. Garden Society uses high-quality, organic, fair-trade and local ingredients. (Photo Courtesy of Garden Society)
  5. Mommy-owned Mellows has taken canna-confections to the next level. They make high-end marshmallows that are truly gourmet. These colorful, fluffy flavor-bombs are handmade by culinary artist Stephanie Hua, co-author of Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen. Mellows medicated treats come in gift-ready boxes in flavors like Orange Dreamsicle, Strawberry Shortcake, and Peanut Butter Pretzel.
  6. For the traditional mom who wants that relaxing, spa-like experience, why not pamper her with some pot! From topicals to bath bombs, women-owned Om Edibles boasts a diverse product line to chose from. Check out their vegan lychee blossom gummies or delightfully rich, spreadable cacao infused with either THC or CBD. My favorites are the muscle-soothing Lion’s Balm and luxurious lavender salt bath soaks.

For experienced moms:

  1. Upgrade Her Device: Introduce Mom to the Pax Era device. One of the coolest things about this closed-loop vaping device is its Bluetooth capabilities. Mom can give her device a name, customize temperature, adjust color schemes and lock the device so that it’s all hers to enjoy. Obviously, you’ll want to complete the gift with her favorite strain of Jetty oil found throughout California at licensed retail stores
  2. Upgrade Her Stash: The Humidor is a state-of-the-art cannabis case for the more discerning connoisseur. This is a rare find when it comes to cannabis storage. Creator Whitney Beatty was inspired by the desire to smooth stoner stereotypes and deliver a discreet accessory that keeps cannabis stashes well-humidified and safe. Not only is the company women-led, it’s backed exclusively by investors of color. (Photo Courtesy of Apothecary)
  3. Upgrade Her Lit:  Avid readers will love this high-end cannabis lifestyle magazine. Broccoli is published three times per year and is absolutely free. The founders’ idea was to create a cannabis resource for women in a market traditionally crowded with men. 

However you choose to treat Mom for Mother’s Day, don’t forget about all the moms working hard to create these cannabis-inspired gifts. Support local moms by shopping at female-owned businesses including Magnolia Wellness , Phytologie, CBCB, Hi Fidelity, Sava, 99 high tide and HelloMD.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere, stepping out of their comfort zones to try new things.

And happy Mother’s Day to all of you treating them to nature’s finest flowers!




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