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Shelter Project

Providing free cannabis to cancer patients from 2014-2018.

Please note that due to Prop 64, we are unable to enroll new patients in the Shelter Project at this time.

Thank you. To everyone who fought so hard for the passage of SB34…All the advocates, patients and supporters who signed petitions, wrote letters, made phone calls and generally made lots of noise, you made this happen. And without the courage, vision and tenacity of Senator Scott Wiener, we would not have achieved this moment. Congratulations and thank you to all!

What exactly does the passage of SB34 mean to patients in need of cannabis? In short, it means that compassion programs will be permitted to provide free cannabis to medical patients without requiring a state issued medical ID card (MMID). It also means that the significant tax burden carried by cultivators and producers—in addition to the cost of donated products—has been removed. 

Like any new law, it will take time to implement as SB34 rolls out in phases. What does this mean for Shelter Project patients? As of early 2020, we are pleased to report that patients currently enrolled will continue receiving medicine as normal. 

Many people have asked when the Shelter Project will officially begin accepting new patients. We are working towards relaunching Shelter in 2020, but don’t have an exact date as of yet.  The timing depends on several factors, including the implementation of SB34 by the state and our dispensary partners. We wish we had more specific information, but we will share any updates as they become available.

Once again, thank you to all who support the cannabis compassion cause! 

-The Shelter Project Team