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Officially The Best Cannabis Concentrate

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Best Concentrate winner


The Best Cannabis In The Bay 

According to Bay Area voters, we produce the best cannabis concentrates on the market today.  We're thrilled at receiving the award from East Bay Express and being featured among some of our favorite companies in the Best Cannabis category

There's no question as to why we won. Our concentrates are 100% solvent free and pure of unwanted additives. Favored for all-natural flower flavor, we use cannabis derived terpenes for our Jetty Gold product line, available in vape pen cartridges or in wax form for easy application with the Jetty Extracts Dablicator™.

Props to Magnolia Wellness in Oakland for winning the Best Customer Service award (and runner up Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley) The Jetty Extracts team holds frequent demos at both collectives.

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