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Jetty Mind Tricks

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Jetty and Mind Tricks


Have you ever met a girl who's as good at what she does, as you are good at what you do? 

Well, we met two of them.

Two best friends, in fact, that own a candy shop in San Diego, California. We got to talking, about their tasty treats and our golden goods, and we realized something magical was going to happen. It was the meeting of great minds and we knew that if we kept mixing and stirring the pot, we would make something out of it.

It's worth mentioning, there's been a lot of traffic at the corner of "cannabis connoisseur" and "entrepreneur" all across America. We like to point out that getting involved in edibles did not take us away from what we do best. The same goes for the ladies. They've been successful with non-medicated toffee for a long time and they'll continue to see the success of their flagship business. To be honest, we just think its fun to collaborate. If we happen to make something that meets the diverse needs of medical marijuana patients, then we'll keep doing it. 

It's always about quality

Trying to do too many things for too many people is a wonderful recipe for disaster. In the cannabis industry, it’s natural selection. In pursuit of growth and expansion, you see brands extend themselves beyond the scope of their expertise. They don't stray far but already they're lost. It's true that we should all stop and smell the flowers. We just understand that not everyone can make something out of them. 

Back to our story. Swirled together, Sweetbricks and Jetty Extracts are the key ingredients in what have become the best edibles in in the galaxy. They're so out of this world we called them Mind Tricks. Whether it's PB+J or Cookies n Cream we know you'll love the collision of flavors and forces within (100 mg of THC per package).

And if that story doesn't give you hope for mankind, please let us know what does. 

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As with any healthy relationship, we understand our boundaries. We do not sell or ship our bags of tricks to anyone as that would be in violation of federal law. Please note we do not dispense medical advice. 

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