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Truffle - Live Resin Cartridges 1g | Jetty Extracts
Truffle UNREFINED Live Resin Concentrate 1g

Truffle UNREFINED Live Resin Concentrate 1g

Bred by THClones, Truffle is a pungent cross of Gelato x Chocolate Kush. The strain’s relaxing effects make it ideal for late night toking. Users note flavors of caramel, fruit and earthiness.

JETTY UNREFINED is 100% live resin that’s uncut and never mixed with distillate. Our premium fresh-frozen cannabis is cryoextracted with minimal processing to preserve more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural plant compounds for a true flower high.

Premium cartridge with Jetty signature wood tip. Works with any 510-thread battery.

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