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Saltwater OG - Live Resin Diamonds Concentrate 1g | Jetty Extracts
Saltwater OG Live Diamonds Concentrate 1g

Saltwater OG Live Diamonds Concentrate 1g

With Saltwater OG, we were able to capture the strain's aromas of sweet brine with hints of diesel. As always, the crystalline structures of pure THCA diamonds in the terpene-rich sauce are an immense pleasure to dab, with effects that are consistently relaxing and uplifting.

Using heat and pressure similar to how real diamonds are formed, the Jetty team isolates the naturally occurring crystalline structures of THCa. What’s left is a beautiful rock form of concentrate, amber in color from the residual, flavorful terpenes.

Jetty takes the craft approach to concentrates with small batches made from premium fresh frozen cannabis. We aim for big flavor and broad terpene profiles, and never start out with a set menu. That means a variety of concentrate types like badder, sauce, sugar or diamonds, and quantities that may be limited.

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