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Fruit Salad Solventless Cartridge .5g | Jetty Extracts
Fruit Salad Solventless Cartridge .5g

Fruit Salad Solventless Cartridge .5g

Sliced, diced, and all the way nice! This mellow, tropical-flavored strain is certain to satisfy the taste buds with nothing but natural, single-source terps! Step 1) Bring towel to beach. Step 2) Lay out, enjoy, and mix in ocean dips as needed. Step 3) Surrender to the relaxing vibe of this awesome strain.

Jetty Solventless is the most-awarded vape since 2020. It is the cleanest oil available, made from cold water hash that’s extracted using only ice and water. Our unique filtration process removes excess fats and waxes increasing purity (and THC %) while keeping all the tasty terpenes. The result: a light, golden oil.

Look for the Jetty signature wood tip and our premium cartridges which work with any 510-thread battery. 

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