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How to Buy

Buying cannabis is easier than it has ever been…but still not as easy as it could be. But hey, at least it’s legal. Use the options below to find Jetty at licensed dispensaries near you. Available in California only.

1. Shop and buy at our online store

The store searches the real-time inventories of select local dispensaries and lists what’s in stock at that time for delivery and/or pickup. It’s like most normal online shopping sites, but with a few differences:

  • You’ll only be able to buy from one dispensary at a time. 
  • Delivery and pickup options vary by dispensary.
  • Ordering is available only during business hours, which vary by dispensary.
  • Minimum order requirements may apply.


2. Find a Jetty dispensary near you

The old tried and true. Enter zip code, find dispensary. Every dispensary in the Jetty dealer locator is licensed, legal and awesome. Stop in, call, or place an order through their website for delivery or pickup, where available.