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Advancing the Art of Extraction…and Collaboration

Making something new always goes back to asking ourselves what do we want to smoke;  what’s interesting in the lab?  Where are the edges when it comes to extraction methods, entourage effect and terpene isolation? How do we push boundaries with new cannabinoid compounds? That kind of stuff….

We’ve got two new additions to the Jetty Reserve Collection hitting shelves this September and they’re unlike anything else out there. We couldn’t have done it without help from our friends. The magic is in the collaboration.

We joined forces  in the lab with Tony Verzura of Blue River™ to craft an African Queen Sauce Pen and brought the best from the farm into our factory in partnership with David Lampach and Doug’s Varin™ to produce a unique THCV oil.

Doug’s Varin™ THCV is a big deal

Working with David Lampach, founder of Doug’s Varin™ and California Cannibinoids, was pushed around for a long time. It came down to a chess match between David and Ron Gershoni, CEO and co-founder of Jetty Extracts.

Both are competitive. But David is exceptional at chess. He would only agree to collaborate if Ron could beat him.

In 2018 they shook hands and committed to partnering up. Even though Ron lost.

That’s how Nate got his hands on the highly prized THCV. Nate knew David from the early days as “one of the first guys testing potencies in California. Nobody else had a lab back then.”

Today, Nate’s admiration runs deep. “I know how much blood, sweat and tears those guys shed to actually breed that cultivar and achieve ratios of THCV that are high but also stable. They kept breeding and breeding, picking the strongest phenotypes. We get the biomass from Doug’s Varin™ farmers and run extraction here at Jetty.”

Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV, is unique for its immediate effects. Uppity. Happy. Energetic. There’s a lot of buzz about THCV and its potential benefits, including its potential as an appetite suppressant. Nate isn’t entirely convinced, possibly because, as he puts it, “I’m always hungry.”  He adds, “For me, it’s just a distinctly clear-headed high with no comedown.”

What Nate can claim is this: The Jetty x Doug’s Varin™ High THCV Oil has one of the highest ratio of THCV in a vape pen cartridge in the world. It tests for over 30% THCV and 90%+ total cannabinoids. Seriously, go and look. You won’t find much out there exceeding 6%.

The strain, the sauce, and the Blue River™ story

Jetty Reserve oils take more time to make than our other products. The Jetty x Blue River™ African Queen Sauce Pen has the longest timeline of them all.

From mother plant, to cuttings, to harvest, to Blue River’s™ facility and on to our lab in Oakland– the African Queen strain has had a long journey. A vintage strain from Left Field Genetics, it was chosen for its rich, earthy cannabis essential oils. Like Nate, Blue Tony Verzura, CEO of Blue River™ has been in the scene for a long time. “I’d always run into him at events; High Times and Cannabis Cups, dabbathons, hemp cons. He’s always been Blue River like I’ve always been Jetty.”

Tony’s methods for solventless extraction are unrivaled. He outlines 3 steps of his process.

“A first pass for solventless sauce, second pass for terpenes, and a third pass from Jetty, capturing the remaining THC. This creates a true full-spectrum cannabis oil that will deliver a natural flavor, an entourage effect, and a better experience.”

Then he gives the material he ran to Jetty from which the cannabinoids are pulled out to make distillate. The sauce and distillate are reunited as the final product — the single-origin sauce that’s filled in Jetty’s .5G CCELL™ cartridges.

“Sauce” is an interchangeable term. It’s industry nomenclature for cannabis processed from live material. It’s not the terpenes themselves, but all the terpenes and how they combine with cannabinoids and other essential oils to make a full-bodied flavor. You might also hear it called HTE, or high terpene extract.

Thanks to the terpenes and cannabinoids this is a really great full spectrum oil. If you have a variable voltage battery, Nate recommends enjoying this one at the lowest temperature.

“If distillate is a shot of tequila, this is a Pinot Noir. You want to sip slowly and take your time with it.”

All Jetty Reserve products are made in small batches. We make what we make and then they’re gone.

Doug’s Varin™ High THCV Oil, Blue River™ African Queen Sauce Pen, and Delta 8 Cannabis Oil (cartridges and PAX Era Pods) are available in stores throughout California. Jetty Reserve looks different from the rest of our product lineup. They’re the slick black boxes with gold labels. If you don’t see them, ask your budtender! 

Which one are you most excited about? We recommend trying them all.



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