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PAX Era Pod - Maui Wowie cannabis distillate | Jetty Extracts
Maui Wowie Gold PAX Era Pod .5g

Maui Wowie Gold PAX Era Pod .5g

Jetty’s top selling strain of all time. High THC and sweet, citrus-forward terpenes. A fun, energetic heady high that keeps you on your feet and groovin’.

Jetty GOLD is high potency oil cryoextracted to preserve more terpenes and flavor. It’s triple-tested and always made from premium, small-farm cannabis.

PAX Era pods are designed for exclusive use with PAX Era devices, a premium pen and pod system offering built-in and app-based controls. Featuring a variety of Jetty strains, use your PAX device to set desired temperature, access strain information and lots more.

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