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Jetty Gold

Crafted in Oakland from select, sun-grown cannabis with all-natural cannabis terpenes. Potency, purity and flavor that's unmistakably Jetty. 

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However you use it, the Dablicator™ is a better way to dispense oil. And because it’s Jetty, you get the highest quality oil made with real cannabis terpenes.

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Jetty Botanic

We appreciate a little variety—as long as it’s real and natural. Fake flavors and chemical concoctions, not so much. Small-batch, potent distillate infused with all-natural flavors like orange peel, chai and vanilla.

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Jetty Session

Whole-plant extracted CBD oil with medium potency. Maximum therapeutic benefits with no unnatural or harmful additives. March on, Daytime Rider!

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Jetty Flower

We work hand in hand with small growers to cultivate the strains we love best. Deliberate and authentic flavors. Potency that delivers. This is some seriously great flower.

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Jetty Disposables

Most disposables are designed to just get the job done and be gone. We say, let’s do better

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