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Sour Berry Live Badder Concentrate 1g – Jetty Extracts
Sour Berry Live Badder Concentrate 1g

Sour Berry Live Badder Concentrate 1g

"A dank and fruity Purple Berry Kush x Sour Diesel cross has that zesty grape taste with a pungent diesel effect. This Sativa makes for a relaxed but active mind with a nice, warm body high.

Similar to the consistency of cake badder, Live Badder is whipped to perfection. This homogenization technique results in a harmonious marriage of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Jetty takes the craft approach to concentrates with small batches made from premium fresh frozen cannabis. We aim for big flavor and broad terpene profiles, and never start out with a set menu. That means a variety of concentrate types like rosin, badder, sauce, sugar or diamonds, and quantities that may be limited."

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