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The Ultimate Guide to Pre Rolls

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Has it happened to you that you want to smoke, but you don’t feel like rolling up a joint? Well, a pre-roll is what solves that problem. It’s a pre-rolled cigarette that you can order or buy in-store, ready to use on the go.

Think of it as a fancy, great-looking cigarette, filled, instead of with tobacco, with cannabis. There are many more benefits to smoking pre-rolls than rolling joints yourself. Another great option to substitute rolling is to get a cannabis vape.

What Are The Benefits Of Smoking Pre Rolls?

The good thing about pre-rolls is that one supplier could provide a wide variety of tastes. They are also more discreet than rolling a joint yourself in a public place or smoking a bowl or bong.

Pre-rolls, just like a joint you would roll yourself, are less intense than an edible, and for that reason, you can easily use them in public or share them with a friend. And if you decide to use one by yourself, a pre-roll would most likely serve its purpose more than once before it is exhausted.

The best thing about getting a pre-roll is saving yourself all the hassle of rolling a joint yourself. You won’t need a grinder, scissors, a rolling paper, or clean after yourself. The only thing you need is a lighter. 

What Types of Pre Rolls Are There?

There are many types of pre-rolls. These can range from a normal-looking ordinary joint to a Cannagar soiled with solventless concentrate in California. Of course, the price of the two differs greatly. Let’s explore what options there are.

Ordinary Pre Roll Joints

These would usually contain between a quarter and half a gram of material. The paper used for the roll is usually made of rice, hemp, or the simplest unbleached paper. The filter included in these is made out of cardboard.

Cannabis Cigarette

A cannabis cigarette is an ordinary paper cigarette stuffed with cannabis instead of tobacco. These usually come in packs of between 5 and 12 like normal cigarettes do. A benefit of these is the foam filter they have which is mostly superior to the ordinary joint’s cardboard filter. 

Blunt Pre Roll

Instead of using tobacco wrappings, most blunts would be wrapped in pressed hemp. The CBD in the hemp roll can enhance the experience when smoked. These often have a more powerful effect on your brain than ordinary joints.

Spliff Pre Rolls

Spliffs contain tobacco instead of just cannabis. The paper used to roll it up is most often rice or hemp. The usual combination between tobacco and cannabis is in a 1:2 ratio, containing twice as much cannabis as tobacco. (Usually up to half a gram of flower.)

Oil-Dipped Pre Rolls

Some pre-roll joints are dipped in THC concentrates in California before being sold. This usually adds more potency to the cigarette when smoking it. Oil dips can be any of the abovementioned joints but are most often cannagars. 

There are two types of oil dips. The first is the application of oil to the outside of the paper, and the other one is to inject the oil with a syringe.


These are the most expensive pre-roll joints available on the market and are considered of premium quality. Each one of these bad boys contains between 3 and 8 grams of flower alone. Not to mention the wrapper is made out of cannabis leaf. 

Not to mention, these are sometimes infused with live rosin in California. Most of these are oil dipped, as mentioned above, and are much larger than other pre-rolls.

These premium masterpieces are meant to be smoked on rare occasions and celebrations in a larger company or alone over a few days or weeks. They cost more than several hundred dollars.

What Are The Alternatives To Pre Rolls?

Another alternative instead of smoking cannabis pre-rolls or eating edibles is to get made in California solventless CBD and THC concentrates. Of course, these could also be solvent-free if you are not as strict regarding traces of chemicals and solvents in your material.

It is paramount to know the difference between hemp CBD concentrates and THC extracted oils. CBD concentrates from hemp won’t get you high, and you won’t experience anything mind-boggling. On the other hand, THC extracts from cannabis are powerful and can get you high real quick. 

These extracts can come in the form of a vape, oil to use for cooking, and oil applicators. These can generally be found in stores on the shores of South California. These are legal, licensed, and awesome.

Buy Cannabis Vape Only From Licensed Shops

The good news is there are plenty of licensed shops in California that sell cannabis vapes made out of solventless concentrates.  The bad news is that there are also plenty of illegal dealers. Be advised to avoid purchasing cannabis vapes from illegal dealers.

The main reason for that, aside from being illegal, is the fact that some time ago, there was a major finding that many of the illegal vapes were containing additional chemicals and contaminants. A good example of that is the additional vitamin E acetate that was found in some vapes, as high as 88% of the content.
That means people were vaping vitamin E instead of cannabis oils. And that can also be detrimental to the health of the individual. 

Summing It All Up

There is a very wide variety of pre rolls in California. You can choose from things as cheap as they’d be if you roll them yourself, and you could also get a cannagar pre-roll that costs as much as a small fortune. 

If you want to save yourself the trouble of rolling joints, find a good, licensed supplier and stick with them, both for pre-rolls and THC concentrates.

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