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The Sound Hash™ Amp

What's New is Old

Music and cannabis have gone together since, well, there was music and cannabis. But using music to make cannabis? We hooked up with our audio engineer friends to create a one-of-a-kind Sound Hash™ amp. 

What is a Sound Hash™ amp? 

It's a new application of an old technique.

We're using the dry sift method, adding rapid cooling with liquid nitrogen or dry ice (seen in the video below) to draw out more from the material. This is an ancient way of separating flower (we're using Orange Creamsicle strain) and kief. The flower sits on a 200 micron screen, vibrations from sound waves make the kief fall through successive screens that get smaller and smaller leaving the trichomes: the part of the plant that includes terpenes and THC.

The sound waves create the mechanical separation using deep heavy bass tones. Our rig has a lower frequency range than what’s generally available--you can’t put weed on your home stereo and expect to make hash.

The final result is kief. Load a bowl, dust a joint or whatever your creativity inspires. 

To finish the hash, we take the kief, put it into a rosin press to refine it further and make it more concentrated; making it dab-able. 

You can see our DJs make “sound hash” at Outside Lands. We've got demos and hash harvesting several times a day, only at #Grasslands at @OutsideLands #soundhash #extractyourself 

Music "Light it Up" by @frankdutch and @apexmusicandmedia

Full Track available at