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The Difference Between Solventless and Solvent-Free Cannabis Products

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You might have heard people referring to some cannabis products as either solventless or solvent-free, but these are not the same thing. The main difference between solventless and solvent-free cannabis products is that solventless ones haven’t had their cannabinoids extracted with the help of a solvent. 

On the other hand, solvent-free products have used a solvent to extract the THC and CBD, but have later been removed from the product.

How Are Solvents Used in Solvent-Free Cannabis Products?

If you take a closer look at marijuana leaves, then you will see that the trichomes (the small hairs on the leaves) contain traces of oils in the form of tiny crystals. These oils we call THC and CBD.

In order to create a concentrate from flowers, the green parts need to be filtered so that we can have only THC and CBD extracts. This process makes it so that the oils are more potent than if you simply smoke the flower or consume it since the concentrate itself has more mg of oil than anything else.

Up until recently, the most widely used way to extract cannabinoids from the flowers was to utilize hydrocarbon solvents. Solvents are liquids that serve the purpose of dissolving other materials and elements. In the case of using solvents for cannabinoid extraction, the solvent dissolves the flower material in order to extract the cannabinoids.

The majority of THC concentrates in California for the past few years have used solvents to extract the material.

What Are Solvent-Free CBD & THC Products?

The solvent-free process of making cannabis concentrates includes using a solvent and later removing the traces of it from the extracted material.

Often this doesn’t affect the extracted oils in a harmful way, nor does it leave a trace when the process has been following the regulated requirements. 

How Are Solventless Cannabinoid Concentrates Better?

Solventless products don’t use chemical substances like ethanol, butane, propane, or others in order to extract the oil of the flower. All legal products in the niche need to undergo extensive testing in order to make sure that there isn’t any solvent left in the final product after the extraction process is complete.

Of course, that gives us some sort of guarantee that you won’t be taking chemicals into your body, but the safest way to know for sure is to stick with solventless concentrates rather than solvent-free ones.

While solventless extractions are often looked upon as innovative, the truth is it has been used for centuries and is quite effective. A solventless concentrate in California that can be seen often and we’ve all seen and heard of is the Hashish or so-called Hash.

What is Hashish?

Hashish is the first solventless concentrate of THC and CBD known to man, and it originated back in the Middle East and India hundreds of years ago. Hashish consists of the isolated trichomes of Marijuana. After the small trichomes have been collected by hand, they are pressed together in order to form small cubes that can be smoked.

There Is Another Way to Make Solventless Concentrates from Live Rosin 

If you don’t want to buy or use solvent-free concentrates, another widely spread method is the use of water or ice in order to extract the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant to make live Rosin in California. Ice can be a good separator for trichomes.

Using the ice water method allows us to keep all the good things while removing impurities and elements affecting the flavor, taste, and odor in a bad way. The ice water extraction method is unarguably one of the most effective in order getting a made-in California solventless concentrate.

What You Need to Know Before Ordering Pre Rolls

Pre-rolls in California are easy to transport, and you believe that nobody is going to mock you for not rolling your own cigarette. There is no way of knowing whether you or someone else has rolled the cigarette for you. These are tidy, and you would eliminate a whole lot of annoying stuff from the process of rolling.

These would include grinding, cleaning up, and storing all your accessories, trying not to lose them.

What is included in a Pre Roll?

If you order a pre-roll in California, you would most likely receive a shake, a trim, and a bud. Make sure to research the brand before you order a pre-roll since you want to receive the best material inside a joint. There is no way of knowing what’s inside aside from opening it or smoking it. And who would open an already rolled-up cigarette?

  • The bud is the thing you want in your pre-roll. It’s the richest part of THC and CBD.
  • The shake is mostly defined as parts of the bud that have fallen out of the live flowers. These are still somewhat high in cannabinoids. 
  • The trim is the part that includes leaves, seeds, stems, and other parts of the flower that don’t necessarily include cannabinoids.

Good pre-roll companies take pride in providing mostly buds and shake in their joints.

How to Tell Which Pre-Roll is Good?

The thing that matters most is what’s inside. If proven natural growing methods have been used in the cultivation of the cannabis plant, then the rest should be taken care of in a similar manner.

Try to avoid hand-made pre-rolls as sometimes they are inconsistent in quality. You can also tell if a pre-roll is fresh and nicely done by looking at how much exposure to air it has had. If the packaging is rough or contains holes or impurities, then most likely, the pre-roll itself wouldn’t be of high quality either.

Final words

With solvent-free cannabis concentrates, you can never be a hundred percent certain that there won’t be any traces. You can trust instructions and regulations to guarantee that for you, but the best way to know that your concentrate is all-natural and chemical-free is to rely on solventless products.

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