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Emerald Cup Winner

Jetty Fatso Wins Best Solventless Vape at Emerald Cup 2022

Try Our Emerald Cup Award Winner 

We are thrilled to announce that Jetty’s Fatso Solventless Vape won 2nd Place at the 2022 Emerald Cup. Unlike many Emerald Cup winners, this is a product you can buy in a dispensary near you or get delivered to your door. 

Fatso is a newer strain to the game, a cross of GMO Cookies and Legend OG. Because of the flower’s high THC content and abundant trichomes, this Solventless oil is potent with hints of citrus, OG spice and fuel. Its a Jetty crew favorite and now an Emerald Cup favorite!

Jetty Solventless strains are grown on an OCal certified farm in sunny Watsonville, CA using comparable-to-organic and regenerative farming practices. Whole plant cannabis is harvested at the peak of ripeness and immediately frozen on site to preserve all the terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. Made using just ice, water, heat and pressure - no harsh chemicals or solvents - this is the cleanest vape on the market.

We know you’ll enjoy this broad-spectrum, true-to-flower high from your first hit to your last.

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