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Only licensed cannabis is tested and regulated

Nate Ferguson is a Jetty co-founder and heads up production of all Jetty products, and has since we started in 2013. Nate and the rest of us at Jetty are all heartbroken by the sicknesses and deaths caused by unsafe, tainted products from the illicit market.

We want everyone to see what goes into our process of making oil. We do some things that other brands don’t, but this video isn’t about that. Testing and standards are extremely high for any licensed cannabis product that makes it onto the shelf of a licensed California dispensary. Pick your favorite.

These standards go well beyond the requirements for organic foods, alcohol or just about anything you put in your body. Products sold through the unregulated, illicit market on the other hand have none of these controls. No testing for pesticides. No concern for ingredients or hardware. Widespread use of cutting agents. No regard for safety. What you see in the Jetty lab—or that of any licensed cannabis brand—is a world apart from the unregulated market.

We know that cannabis helps people. We’ve seen it. To stop the 3,000+ unlicensed stores and delivery services, more regulation and strict enforcement is urgently needed.

We stand united with every licensed brand and dispensary in the fight against the unregulated market.

Find licensed dispensaries here or on any licensed brand’s website.