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How to Use The Dablicator™ Oil Applicator Device

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Whether you're twaxing a pre-roll, using a dab rig, or adding power to flower, the Jetty Dablicator™ oil applicator is a convenient and easy way to dispense cannabis oil.

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The Dablicator™ oil applicator unmatched in its versatility and wide array of applications. Not just for dabbing, it's the “Swiss Army Knife®” of cannabis multi-tools!

Watch the How To Video 

(Note: YouTube flagged the video as 18+ so you'll have to log in and watch it there) 


Life hasn't been the same since we created the original Dablicator™, a uniquely nifty tool that replaced the messy and  somewhat threatening oil “Syringes” to allow consumers to dispense distillate onto literally anything.

We crafted this nifty invention to empower users to have more control over the potency of their cannabis and the methods they can use with more efficacy, precision, and efficiency.

Here's why were so obsessed with this ideal,  all-in-one super tool:

It's a California Original!

You may have seen copies of the device in the market or online, but we're proud to boast that it is a Jetty original. An invention with a proprietary design that revolutionized the way we crank up the potency on what we consume.

As a self-proclaimed dapper dabber, I love  dressing-up a joint by “twaxing” it (twist-wax), icing it the way a baker carefully decorates a cake.  

You can dispense the oil fluidly, while twisting the joint barber-pole style, and impressing your friends with your dexterity and prowess, all while amping up the THC content of whatever schwaggy herb they may be smokin’ on!

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