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Livestream! Jetty and Grateful Shred on 4.20 at the Echoplex

Conquer the 420 with Jetty!

All 420 weekend long we'll be at dispensaries all over California custom engraving Pax pods, handing out swag and killer gear UPGRADES (get your upgrade at and listening to some great music with our friends from Jam In the Van during the 3rd Annual Shred 420 at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. 

Can't make it to the Echoplex on Saturday? 

No problem. You can catch the performances on the live stream (live on 4.20) below. 

Grateful Shred will be headlining! 

"Los Angeles-based Grateful Shred manage to channel that elusive Dead vibe: wide-open guitar tones, effortless three-part vocal harmonies, choogling beats, and yes, plenty of tripped out, Shredded solos. The look, the sound, the atmosphere. It’s uncanny. “It’s more of a ‘take’ on the Dead than a tribute band,” says bassist Dan Horne. “We end up sounding almost more like the Dead because we approach it in this free-spirited way.”

Oooh, we're so excited! 

Don't forget to grab your Jetty Upgrade Pass to get 420 exclusive gear.