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Cultivating Love

Not all cannabis is created equal. StarSong Farms sets the bar.

It’s never been easier to get weed than right now. But easy doesn’t mean good. We’re picky. The raw plant material has to meet Jetty Master Extractor and Co-founder Nate Ferguson’s demanding criteria. Clean. Potent. Good terp profile. Small farmers who care about growing as much as we love making oil. Matt Johanson at StarSong Farms embodies our passion for this industry and why Jetty oil is different. It’s all about the love. 

Matt sums it up: “When you consume this cannabis, it affects you in a different way. It’s a powerful spiritual medicine. A sponge for energy and vibration. The plant takes up that energy and the finer detail work really adds up to a positive and profound experience. And that experience is unparalleled when put up against a giant grow. You can’t extract the love out of a plant like that if you don’t put the love in. There’s a difference. Those of us who are committed to doing it that way were committed to this well before legalization—rolling the dice and risking our freedom for the better part of two decades.”

The picturesque Anderson Valley is surrounded by towering old growth Sequoia. Small farms and vineyards dot the landscape. Award-winning wines, heirloom produce (for San Francisco’s farm-to-table foodies) and some of the finest cannabis of the Emerald Triangle are produced in the area. From soil to seed to plant to shelf, Jetty has collaborated with the best in the valley, sourcing premium quality cannabis.

A Family Affair
Johanson hails from a family of farmers involved in agriculture for many generations. He left Minnesota for school in California as a kid, and fell in love with surfing (we can relate). And a girl. As it turns out, her family was also in agriculture, cultivating cannabis with decades of experience growing in this unique environment. 

But that wasn’t his sole connection to the plant. Matt’s mom contracted Lyme Disease in the late ‘90s when diagnosis wasn’t particularly sophisticated. “They didn’t know what was wrong with her,” Matt recalls, “She got really sick and started treatment at the Mayo Clinic. A doctor took her aside and told her the pain management would be crucial for her quality of life and she should look at moving to a place with access to medical marijuana. ‘Off the record’ he said he was a firm believer that it could save her life.” 

As cannabis evolves as an industry, friends like Matt Johanson and other small farmers set the standard for quality. StarSong’s cannabis is grown and cultivated without the use of harsh chemicals or fertilizers. Our extraction process at Jetty preserves the best attributes of the plant for maximum potency and flavor. 

Humble Beginnings
StarSong began when Matt scraped together enough to purchase a 20-acre spot in Anderson Valley and as he developed that land, he picked up the parcel next door. It was raw land. Redwood forest. “We have a unique microclimate here. The terroir is really world class. We started developing the land. It was steep, mountainous. Not a lot of natural terrain for what we do. We built a couple of houses. Added infrastructure. A shop that doubles as the drying shed. Cabins. Got little zones all over. We use well water and it’s super clean.”

Today, it’s truly a family operation, with the addition of Matt’s mom and dad, who sold the farm in Minnesota and moved west to join Matt. His Dad took to cannabis, “A real green thumb,” Matt states with pride. “He does the work of three men.”

All in the Details
StarSong is a detail-oriented operation. Artisanal in the sense that there is such attention and care given to the plants. Keeping them clean and clear. “We love what we’re doing to keep doing it like this. If I had a ten-acre flat valley site on ag land where you could row crop any traditional form of agriculture, it’d be a lot easier and cheaper to run. What we’re doing here is a night and day difference [compared to] what most do. It’s the difference between a $100 bottle of Stag’s Leep cabernet sauvignon versus a $10 bottle of Lake.”

He’s quick to point out, “[but] it’s a very challenging place to work. It’s never been easy, and it never will be. We don’t quite get as much sun as we want. It’s more expensive. It’s not as simple as growing a 10,000-plant canopy. We do a lot to make it work here. But it provides a lot of jobs and I’m able to support a few families off this place.”

Friends and Family
“We’re stoked on our collab and friendship.” Nate smiles. “StarSong Farms has been a long time partner with Jetty and one of our favorite farms to make extracts from. We share the same ethics and values when it comes to the products we produce. We can always count on StarSong to bring clean, quality cannabis that is grown with love to fully express the true essence of the strain. It all starts with the farmers and the StarSong crew brings the fire!”

Of course, there’s always concern about the bottom line, but Matt argues, “[it] always boils down to maintaining the quality of cannabis we produce. No cutting corners. Boutique and artisanal without sacrifice. We’re still fighting for that not to be lost. We’re cultivating love.” Adding, “And my mom is pretty much totally healed. Nightly and daily she uses the medicine to stay afloat. We do good because it’s the right thing to do.”

“When we get cannabis from StarSong everyone is stoked.” Nate smiles. “Matt’s been part of the Jetty fam for a long time. Shares the same views and ethics as we do. Whenever we get his material in, everyone is doing jumping jacks. Our extraction yields great with potency and flavor.”