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Jetty Shelter Project

Helping over 1,000 people in California get the medicine they need.

Jetty started the Shelter Project in 2014 with a simple mission: get free cannabis to cancer patients. Since then, we’ve helped over 1,000 people in California get the medicine they need. We’ve also made it our mission to keep it simple: patients or their caregivers just provide a cancer diagnosis/doctor verification and proof of California residency and they’re in.

All that changed after rec, unfortunately. Taxes and other hurdles made it nearly impossible for compassion projects like Shelter to operate. In the fall of 2018, Gov. Jerry Brown surprised just about everyone by vetoing a bill that would have solved it. It was a big setback.

“With all the new regulation that came along with the shift to rec in California, compassion projects like Shelter got lost in the shuffle,” explains Lindsey Friedman, Shelter Project Director. “Getting medicine to patients legally and economically became nearly impossible.”

But we’re hopeful things will change. We met with State Senator Scott Weiner, the Cannabis Compassion Bill’s sponsor, who is optimistic about bringing new legislation to the governor early in 2019.  

In the meantime, the Jetty Shelter Project has begun getting cannabis to patients on a limited basis, starting in the Bay Area. Patients need a state issued Medical Marijuana ID (MMID) card, which will allow them to avoid taxes. We’ll be expanding beyond the Bay over the coming weeks. And assuming new legislation passes in 2019, an MMID will not be required (we hope!).

We expect to resume enrolling new patients soon. Check the Jetty Shelter Project page for updates.

Visit to learn how to obtain an MMID card based on your location in California.