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Why We Love Wood

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Wood Tip

Producing the finest, most gorgeous Jetty Gold oil is more than a commitment. It's our obsession. The unmatched quality of our CO2 oils comes from sourcing the best flowers from a core group of growers, investing in our staff, and imposing rigorous standards of quality, purity and potency for every product we put on the market.

We also do a lot of listening. We pay attention to fans and what our patients demand. We give props to other industry pioneers and stay in the know about competitive trends.

Then, we put our ingenuity to work.

And that's how you get the next best thing from Jetty Extracts.

 New Glass and Real Wood 

Over the years, we've introduced several versions of our cartridges and vape pen set up. Now that our latest design is on the shelves, here's everything you need to know about it.

  • We nixed the wick in favor of a ceramic coil atomizer for cleaner hits, better flavor and a longer life span.

  • No more plastic! The glass tank is more delicate but is designed to show off the 700 mg of pure gold goodness inside. 

  • The new mouthpiece is made from a durable timber that's soft on the lips. The wood tip makes for a cooling effect, eliminating any harshness from the heated intake. 

  • Best used with our vape pen battery. Cartridge screws tightly into battery threads. Click the button 5 times until blinking. To medicate, hold down the button as you inhale. Our logo battery is available for purchase here.
  • New cartridge, same price. For existing members and accounts, we're keeping the wholesale cost for Jetty Gold the same. Pass that on to your patients! 

What are your thought about wood, gold and glass? 

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