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We Believe (That) It's More Than Just Me

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A mountaineer, a cyclist, a runner and good friend of ours - Tommy Danger learned that life wasn't about the money you make. It's about the lives you change.

Through his love of adventure, he founded a non-profit called the More Than Just Me Foundation that uses adventure projects to drive awareness and funds to different causes around the world. In collaboration with filmmakers, slackliners, climbers and athletes of all stripes, the MTJMe project teaches us all about the kind of motivation that drives individuals to be bigger than themselves.

Tommy is one of Jetty Extracts' brand ambassadors He is open about using marijuana to help him during his climbs as his body goes through drastic changes at high elevations.

More Than Just Me all started after the finale of the More Than Just Miles Project as Tommy finished his cross country run from Seattle, WA to Daytona Beach, FL. During the 3,191 miles of running over six months, he was not only able to create the awareness but make friends with thousands across the globe that shared his passions.

Why It's More Than Just Us 

This is the stuff that changes the world. Lives lived in service and the big goals shared and aimed at improving the lives of others in our amazing world.

Tommy and his team are currently in the middle of their third project, More Than Just Mountains - a quest to tackle all Seven Summits to raise awareness and more than a million dollars for the genetic disease known as Cystic Fibrosis. Stay tuned to the MTJMe TV channel on YouTube and Jetty Extracts News for more about the project and the adventures. 

Interested in making a contribution or donation?
Reach out to the MTJMe crew

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  • AWESOME to see companies giving back to those who got it WAY WORSE. CF is HORRIBLE! Often hard to recognize folks who battle this disease because they often hide the symptoms in the early mornings behind closed doors…imagine your own body trying to drown your lungs with tacky fluid/mucus. Another group giving back to CF is the Mauli Ola Foundation. The original old school SoCal professional surfers giving back by taking young CF patients surfing. Salt air & mist helps patients clear their lungs. Bravo MTJM & MAULI OLA!

    griffen on

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