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Yep. That's A Full Cartridge.

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We understand that some Jetty cartridges appear to be under-filled. We take this issue seriously and if we were you, we’d be pretty mad too. The good news, though, is the likely culprit is not under-filling but rather priming of the wick.

Here’s what’s happening:

Is my cartridge under-filled?Jetty uses CCELL™ cartridges, which are the highest quality, most technologically-advanced carts available. When a CCELL™ cartridge is filled, the oil begins to absorb into the ceramic atomizer. It’s priming the oil for use so that it’ll be ready to go immediately. When that happens, as much as 30% of the oil is out of sight, making the cartridge appear to be under-filled.  

When will fill oil cartridges in our Oakland facility, we use commercial grade automated filling machines that deliver a precise amount of oil into every cartridge with an accuracy rate upwards of 95%. We also weigh random samples as a secondary check just be sure our .5g carts are filled accurately.

We hope this clears things up. As always, we stand by everything we make and will do all we can to make sure you’re happy with your Jetty purchase. 

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