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New Strain-Specific Gold Oils

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Our latest strains represent everything we love about our craft.

Here's what you need to know about the new flavors and why we got specific.   

Super Lemon Haze

Jetty Gold Cartridge - Super Lemon Haze Sativa Sativa-dominant strain grown in Southern Humboldt County. Citrus flavored (high limonene terpene content). BHO extracted gold distillate is ultra-refined and triple-tested for purity, potency and the quality you expect from Jetty. Delivers consistent, long-lasting effects. 
500 mg Gold Cartridge. 94% total Cannabinoids: 86.3% d9THC; 0.7% THCV; (90%THC); 1.9% CBG; 0.6% CBN.















Do-Si-Dos Jetty Extracts Gold Vape Pen Cartridge


Do-Si-Dos indica hails from the Santa Cruz Mountains. After primary extraction and distillation, we reintroduce the strain's own cannabis-derived terpenes to the finished oil.  Small-batch crafted concentrate with a down-to-earth flavor offering a steady, euphoric high. 
500 mg Gold Cartridge. 86% total Cannabinoids: 90.1% d9THC; 1.3% THCA; 0.75% THCV; (86%THC); 2.0% CBG; 0.6 % CBN. 


 Reckless Rainbow

Jetty Extracts Gold cartridge - Reckless Rainbow

Carefully selected cannabis-derived terpenes give this Emerald Triangle hybrid its bright, sweet, and tropical taste. Like all our solventless gold oils, Reckless Rainbow contains no byproducts or additives for a pure, flavorful, high-quality experience. 
500 mg Gold Cartridge. 87% total Cannabinoids: 87% d9THC; 0.7% THCV; (87%THC); 2.0% CBG; 0.7% CBN. 




Gold oil cartridges are best paired with our vape pen battery available for purchase from our Merch store. Retailers can shop new strains and our full product menu on LeafLink or get in touch with a Jetty sales representative. 

New Strains for PAX Era Pods

An alternative to our wood-tipped cartridges, we've also made the new strains available in Pod form. Exclusively compatible with the PAX Era device, strain-specific Era Pods are now available in licensed dispensaries and select delivery services statewide. The closed-loop PAX Era system gives you custom control of your flavor experience. So, naturally, we provide the best oil to be used with it. Find them at a store near you

Why Strain-Specific?   

Why not? While it's true that we're discontinuing the Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Gold varieties, it's only to make room for more refined, more flavorful, and more specific oils. Admit it: you like knowing a little more about what you're vaping. And you love the artistic, visual representation of each strain on every PAX Era Pod package. Above all, you asked for it. And we delivered. 

We also know that people are waking up to the idea that terpenes are as much a part of consuming high-quality cannabis as are Cannabinoid profiles or THC percentages. But it's more than mixing and matching terpenes just to boost flavor. Paying attention to a strain's natural assets may also be about tapping into the plant's full medicinal potential.

Maybe you've heard that lavender promotes restfulness. Or that, peppermint boosts your mood and clears your sinuses. And Frankincense is being seriously considered for its cancer-fighting properties.

If you're familiar with essential oils, terpenes aren't a stretch of the imagination. Terpenes are the volatile, unsaturated hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants. They make an orange smell like an orange. Terpenes give mangoes their mango taste. So when it comes to craft cannabis, terpenes are fundamental to unique sensory experiences. 

We're not here to tell you how you're supposed to feel when you try a particular strain. Experience is subjective and it's unrealistic to imagine everyone getting happy from the same high. But we do expect terpenes to become an important part of the wider conversation as cannabis consumers' interest grows and science supports it with solid research. 











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