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Smoking some classic weed flowers can have a ritualistic allure, as well as perks like a lower price tag and ease of use. However, turning to vaporizers, at least for a portion of one’s cannabis consumption, comes with overwhelming benefits. Apart from the scientific evidence of increased safety, vaping also offers consumers aspects like a more memorable flavor experience and more efficient use of cannabis products. Investing in quality vaporizers, such as PAX Era Pods in the Bay Area, can make the personal marijuana experience that much richer.

Combustion and Health

As both marijuana cigarettes and vaporizers use cannabis, the difference is in their method of harnessing the effects and benefits of the plant. Cigarettes and joints rely on burning and combustion, whereas vaping only heats the substance in question. The danger of smoking marijuana is from the smoke produced from burning, not from the plant itself. The associated combustion is not dissimilar to regular cigarettes, exposing consumers to the same risky and carcinogenic chemicals, like benzene and toluene, linked to health problems. Though research into the use of marijuana cigarettes shows a much lower risk of developing conditions like cancer, burning flower still creates exposure to harmful substances like tar. Furthermore, regular smoking can cause damage to the airways and lungs, creating an increased risk for problems like chronic bronchitis.

Just as vaping nicotine is considered about 95% safer than smoking regular cigarettes, using devices like PAX pods in the Bay Area is regarded as a much safer form of consuming cannabis. Vaporizers can heat cannabis products to a point where all the sought-after cannabinoids and natural compounds are released. Yet, no combusted toxins are released. Instead, they are replaced by a gentler fine mist.

A Cleaner Experience is More Enjoyable

With no need for burning with an open flame, vaporizers can create a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Apart from the possible risks mentioned, having a burning substance always calls for extra caution. Vaporizers can forgo this by releasing the coveted compounds after reaching the point of combustion. Knowing that one’s recreational or medicinal usage of marijuana avoids producing harmful substances can create a greater sense of wholesome wellbeing. More health-conscious users can feel good about opting for an alternative that avoids introducing more toxins into the body and environment, even if on a small scale. Furthermore, proper use of a vaporizer also encourages more mindful breathing, as purposeful inhaling is necessary to benefit from the device. This, in turn, can create a more meditative and relaxing state of mind, enjoying more fully one’s cannabis and state of being.

Flavor Profiles

Another benefit of opting for a vaporizing device, like PAX Era pods in the Bay Area, is the greater flavor and aroma. Vaping makes the cannabis product available so that the consumer can better taste the terpenes and cannabinoids of the given strain. On the other hand, smoking burns away the majority of the distinct tastes and smells present between different strains of marijuana. The subtle taste and aromas of vaping allow cannabis consumers to get more out of their cannabis products, combining the plant’s potential psychoactive properties and health benefits with greater sensory pleasure. All in all, vaping creates a fuller and more unique form of enjoying marijuana.

Control Over Temperature

The majority of vaporizer devices have temperature settings the user can adjust and control. Other than factors like the processing, strain, and harvesting, the temperature at which marijuana product vaporizes also plays a part in the effects of the plant. Depending on the level of heat, the same marijuana product can provide a more relaxing and mellow experience or a more intense session with stronger psychotropic results. For example, when using PAX pods in the Bay Area, it takes a bit of experimentation to find the right temperature setting for personal preference.

With regular smoking, there is much less opportunity for control. The user can choose different strains, roll joints tighter or looser, or modify breathing, but there is little room for customization. Temperature is one area that cannot be changed to fit preferences.

Efficient Use

Choosing to use a vaporizer allows consumers to draw the benefits of their cannabis product slowly. The average consumer can get multiple uses out of one load of product, as vaping essentially slow-cooks the product. As such, all of the benefits of the plant are efficiently consumed. For those vaping dry flowers, the “used” flowers can be reapplied to make cannabis tea or edibles. Smoking, however, turns the marijuana bud to ash, which cannot be reused. A smoker’s stash of dried flowers is also used up quicker when using cigarettes and joints.

Also, as vaporizers do not require an external heat source, and no matches or lighter is ever needed. The device is whole in itself. This avoids the unfortunate experience of looking forward to smoking a joint but finding oneself without a light.


Another benefit of vaping, particularly appreciated by those wishing to be more discreet with their consumption of cannabis, is reduced odor. Especially at lower temperatures, vaporizers do not produce nearly as much of a smell as joints, which are known for their strong and lasting odor detectable from a long distance. That’s not to say vaporized weed has no smell. However, the burnt odor is not a factor, with any noticeable scent able to dissipate much quicker than a joint.

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